May 2019

Hello CLD members and friends,

Happy spring! Everything has gotten so green from all the recent rain! However, many of us are about ready to float away so I hope we have some dryer weather in store for us at least for a little while.

Show season has begun! We just concluded our IceBreaker schooling show which was held on April 27th. It was a smashing success, thanks to our show manager, Teresa Litchfield. Teresa put a lot of effort to make it such a fun event.

We gathered at lunch to say farewell to our faithful CLD member, Gayla Sargent, who has supported our club and judged for us many times over the years. She joined CLD in its first year of existence. We wish her well as she is leaving the area to enjoy retirement with her husband. On a happier note, Gayla judged a stick horse contest for the young (and old)! which got a lot of laughs. A good time was had by all!

Our next event will be our rated Classic shows being held at the Illinois State Fairgrounds on June 22 and 23. I hope you all can attend this enjoyable event which also helps support our club. We are looking for sponsors as well as volunteers to help make our show a success. Please contact me if you are interested in logging some volunteer hours. Whether you are meeting our criteria to compete in our year end awards program or if you just want to get amongst your peers for some comradeship, we need your help. We couldn’t provide our show without all the wonderful people who come out to help. We are grateful for our volunteers’ time and talents.

I wish you all safe and happy riding and a successful show season!

Your CLD President,

Judy Nordstrom