September 2018

Hello CLD Members and Friends,

It’s hard to believe we are at summer’s end, which means back to school for many and we are wrapping up another dressage show season. I hope everyone had a successful year and best wishes to those who will be attending regional championships. This also means it is time to start sending in our scores for our own CLD year end awards. The deadline is October 15.

If you haven’t met our new requirements for the year, it’s not too late to get some last minute volunteer hours in! We will have our next CLD board meeting on September 14 at 2pm in the StarWest lounge, which will count towards one volunteer hour, or we could use some volunteer help at our upcoming clinic and awards dinner, itself! Contact me for more info!

Thanks to our symposium chair, Kate Fleming-Kuhn, we have an exciting clinic coming up with George Williams! We are so excited that he is finally coming, as we have tried for several years to get him for our Education Days. This clinic will take place on September 22-23. Auditing for this event is free for members and it includes lunch!!! That is a win win!

Another all club member event is our annual Christmas party. We are currently looking for a potential venue. Let me know if you are interested in hosting our party this year!

Your CLD President,
Judy Nordstrom