May 2018

Hello CLD Members and Friends,

I hope everyone is enjoying the beautiful spring weather. Our club is back in full swing of show season! We just held a very successful Icebreaker show of 48 rides on April 28th. Weather was cool and breezy but thankfully, not rainy. I would like to give kudos to Teresa Litchfield for successfully running the show while successfully riding in the show! Congratulations on winning high point in the Adult Amateur Training Level!

Our Classic shows are resuming this year and quickly approaching! We are in need of volunteers and sponsors for our classes! Please find a copy of our sponsorship form in our newsletter. We are excited to hold a local show again, as this will be the first time having the show without the Coliseum of the Illinois State Fair. We will be holding a possibly longer, one ring show each day. We are now accepting entries!

Some big changes are coming to our awards program starting this year! Every owner and rider enrolled in the CLD Awards program must either perform three volunteer hours for CLD or pay $50. (Attendance at three Board meetings would also qualify as volunteer hours.) The deadline for volunteer hours or payment would be the same as the submission deadline for Awards each year. Teresa Litchfield will keep the hours records.

I wish everyone a successful show season! Happy riding everyone!

Your CLD President,
Judy Nordstrom