December 2018

Hello CLD members and friends,

Have you ever noticed that when you were a kid, time seems to drag on? And the older you get, time just keeps going faster and faster? Life really does fly by! We are already at another year’s end and it seems like it just started.

There are so many things I intended to do this year but didn’t because I ran out of time. Where does the time go? What if we knew we only had another year to live? What would we change? Anything? We hear people say all the time, “life is too short!”

Well, it really is! I wish I could slow down the hands of time and just soak in everything before it disappears into a distant memory. I want to savor the time I have with my friends and family (and horse!).

Sometimes I want to just stop, and enjoy the quietness of the moment. I want to worry less about things that don’t matter. For instance, that my house isn’t as clean as I want it to be or that I don’t have my Christmas decorating or shopping done! Wait! I haven’t even started Christmas shopping! Well, here I go again getting caught up in the whirlwind and the busyness of the season! It is a difficult cycle to get out of.

As I said, the year went by quickly, but successfully for many. Congratulations to all that made it to Regional Championships and to US Finals! I am enjoying the slower pace of this time of year while continuing to strive for progress in my and my horse’s training. Before we know it, another show season will be upon us and we’ll be off and running again. I hope everyone can reflect over the past year with fond and comforting memories and look forward to enjoying the new year ahead with great anticipation and vigor!

I wish everyone many blessings and a warm and cozy winter season! Happy riding everyone!

Your CLD President,
Judy Nordstrom