April 2017

Dear Members and Friends,

Spring has sprung! As usual, I am not sorry to see the winter go even though this year was assuredly not our worst! I am awaiting warmer temperatures with anticipation of new growth that comes with spring and rejoice in the thought of not having to dress in three or more layers before leaving the house to head out to the barn! I hate to surmise how much time I have spent bundling and unbundling myself and my horse for the cold weather! Soon that thought will be a distant memory and I will sprint out the door without even the notion of grabbing a jacket.

I just returned from from attending my first ever Dressage World Cup which was held in Omaha, NE. It was a great learning experience watching the most decorated rider in Olympic history, Isabell Werth, champion of this year’s FEI World Cup Dressage Final, compete among the world’s top dressage riders and horses. It was truly spectacular to see the Grand Prix freestyles and try to compare such different, yet amazingly talented horses, work their hearts out for their partners. I was pleased to witness great camaraderie and sportsmanship between the top three contenders at this level of competition. I think this a list of all CLD members attending. Please let me know if I left anyone out: Leslie Burket, Brett Fischer, Judy Ethell, Kate Fleming-Kuhn, Kelly Griffith, Deb Klamen, Martin Kuhn, Pat McVary, Judy Nordstrom, Pinky Noll, Diane Upchurch, and Jenna Upchurch.

Upcoming in our calendar of events this year is IceBreaker, our spring schooling show. Be sure to renew your membership and get signed up for the show. It will be held at Tower Hill Equestrian Center on April 22nd. This is your opportunity to test the waters and practice a test or two before the show season kicks off!

I hope you all have had the opportunity over the last few months to, in one way or another, re-charge or re-set. I find this is necessary for me to do periodically in order to keep my life in perspective. Just to step back, take a breath and put things back in order. Then things seem to take off running again! It’s a constant struggle to slow down and remember to enjoy the ride, the journey, as they call it.

Your President,
Judy Nordstrom