March 2018

Hello CLD Members and Friends,

Spring has officially sprung, although some days that has not been very apparent. I’m ready to put my winter coat, gloves and hat away once and for all, or, at least till November! Just recently, though, I have noticed some signs of new plant growth poking through the soil. I am sure we will soon see evidence of spring in some beautiful, new flowers.

In conformity with warmer weather comes a new show season, which is also suddenly upon us. In fact, our Icebreaker schooling show will be held in just a few short weeks at Tower Hill Equestrian Center on April 28. Get your entries in now! I hope you all are ready for a successful show season! Happy riding, everyone!

Your CLD President,
Judy Nordstrom

February 2018

Dear CLD members and friends,

We are already well into 2018. Yes, it is February of my fifth and final year as president of CLD. As we look at the year ahead, I’d like to challenge each of you to assess your busy lives and ask yourselves how you might be able to give just a little of your time and talents to CLD. I know we are all busy. We have jobs, families, friends and many other things demanding of our time and attention.

Maybe now is a good time to prioritize all these things and ask ourselves, “How important is it that CLD exist?” Is it important that we have local schooling shows or local rated shows? Not to mention numerous educational symposiums and clinics! How about looking forward to year-end awards? Or socializing at the awards banquet and Christmas party?

The truth is, our club only exists because of a handful of people that really care about our organization and its mission: dedication to education, recognition of achievement, and promotion of dressage.

I would like to encourage you to become more involved with some of the events and activities that CLD conducts. This doesn’t mean that you have to make a long term commitment. Maybe just helping out for a couple of hours at one of our schooling shows or volunteer at the rated show that we will resume having again this year.

In fact, we are in need of a volunteer coordinator for our Classic show (hint hint!). There are many ways YOU can help your local GMO. If you would like to find out how, please contact me. If everyone gives just a little of their time and/or talent, we can achieve great things. Please help us be the best GMO we can be!

Wishing everyone a successful year ahead,

Judy Nordstrom

October 2017

Dear CLD members and friends,

Although the weather has been no indication, the end of our 2017 competition season is drawing to a close. It is time to get your scores in for Year-End Awards and prepare to renew your CLD memberships.

We will be having our CLD Annual Meeting and Awards Banquet on November 4th at the Springfield Motor Boat Club. More information to come on that, but please save the date! Another date to put on your calendar is December 9th, the date for our Christmas Party. This year we thank Deb Klamen and Phil Pan for inviting us to their newly remodeled home.

As we prepare our new slate of Directors for our CLD Board, it has become apparent that new Board Members are hard to come by. If we want our club to thrive, it is necessary to bring in new people. Many of the current board members have served a number of years and would like to pass their batons on to the next person, so to speak. I think it is important to promote the sport of dressage in our community and invite new people to get involved. We have many opportunities to volunteer throughout the year as well as some fun educational and social events. Please consider becoming more involved with our local GMO!

Enjoy the upcoming fall season and happy riding, everyone!

Your CLD President,
Judy Nordstrom

September 2017

Dear CLD members and friends,

 Jenna Upchurch & Greystoke photo credit: John Borys Photography

Jenna Upchurch & Greystoke photo credit: John Borys Photography

The month of August began with an event that no one was prepared for, the loss of a very special and talented horse named Greystoke, aka Oz. He was, indeed, the beloved partner of a lifetime for StarWest’s Jenna Upchurch and previous owners Martin Kuhn and Kate Fleming-Kuhn. My heart goes out to everyone who was affected by his loss. He will be sorely missed by all who knew him.

Summer is coming to a close and so is the 2017 competition season. It isn’t too soon to start getting your scores into our awards chair at and renewing your CLD membership at

The sooner the better!

Our GMO will be well represented again this year at the Board of Governors General Assembly, held during the 2017 Adequan®/USDF Annual Convention in Lexington thanks to Leslie Burket who has, one more time, agreed to be our representative. Group Members can apply for the Ruth Arvanette Memorial Fund Grant, which allows one deserving individual to attend the Adequan®/USDF Annual Convention, by providing funds to cover the cost of attendance. Applications for the Ruth Arvanette Memorial Fund Grant have been extended.

Enjoy what is left of your summer and best of luck to all in finishing a successful show season!

Your CLD President,
Judy Nordstrom

July 2017

Dear CLD members and friends,

Our Susanne von Dietze weekend was a huge success! Her lessons proved to be beneficial to riders of all skill levels and ages. She demonstrated new teaching techniques as well as countless useful exercises to improve position and communication with our horses. The clinic was well attended and enjoyed by all! A big thank you goes to Kate Fleming-Kuhn for organizing such a valuable learning experience!

We also held our first auction/dinner fundraiser at the newly remodeled Springfield Motor Boat Club in conjunction with an interactive talk given by Susanne von Dietze on Saturday night. There were numerous items in high demand at the silent auction, with the highlight being an oil painting and hand made frame by artist, Jackson Hensley. We can’t thank you enough, Jackson! The fabulous dinner by Chef, Jimmy Oh, was enjoyed by all! Thank you to EVERYONE who donated items and/or services to help raise money to offset the loss of our rated Classic Shows this year.

Major donors included Jackson Hensley, Judy Ethell, Steve Todd, Brett Fisher, Tower Hill Equestrian Center and Lionel and Donna Hudspeth. This event would not have been near as successful without the help of Alice Martin and Martin Kuhn with the online side of the auction. Thank you for doing so much! Thank you also to my board members and others who donated items, attended the dinner and helped make this event such a success!

CLD’s FireCracker schooling show on July 8th at Pratensé Farms. Show manager, Teresa Litchfield reported a total of 31 rides and beautiful weather, which made for a successful show. Thank you to Alice Martin, John Simpson, Nancy Rosse, Pete Litchfield and Phillip Litchfield all who volunteered their time and talents to scribe, score, steward and run tests at this fun summer event. Thanks to Paula Briney and the Briney family for hosting the show. Results of the show can be found in the Reader and on the website

We also wish the best to Jenna Upchurch and Greystoke who are headed to NAJYRC very soon. As of publishing they are currently the number one ranked young rider combination in the country after their successful inaugural season at Juniors last year. Best of luck and you can still donate to their whole region’s team fund at

Enjoy the rest of your summer and best of luck in finishing a successful show season!

Your CLD President, Judy Nordstrom

 Kate Fleming-Kuhn on Deb Klamen's Westerstorm with Susanne von Dietze

Kate Fleming-Kuhn on Deb Klamen's Westerstorm with Susanne von Dietze

 The CLD Auction/Dinner & Lecture by Susanne von Dietze was a roaring success

The CLD Auction/Dinner & Lecture by Susanne von Dietze was a roaring success

 CLD's own Jenna Upchurch & Greystoke are the #1 pair going into the NAYRC

CLD's own Jenna Upchurch & Greystoke are the #1 pair going into the NAYRC

May 2017

Calling all members and friends!

CLD is hosting a fundraiser dinner/silent auction this year in conjunction with the Susanne von Deitze clinic on June 17 at the beautifully remodeled Springfield Motor Boat Club. We need everyone’s cooperation and contribution big and small. EVERYONE can help in some way. We are reaching out to ask for donation of items for the silent auction as well as gift cards, donation of services, and of course your presence at the dinner! Susanne will be giving a new lecture at the dinner so we look forward to that as well! Please put this event on your calendars and RSVP today to attend this fun and informative event!

I attended a lovely memorial potluck on April 15th in honor of Charles Craver, who passed last December. Many friends and relatives of Charles, as well as supporters of his wife, Jeanne, came from near and far to celebrate Charles’ life and the marked influence he had on the Davenport breeding programs in the U.S.

A very successful Icebreaker schooling show was held on April 22nd at Tower Hill Equestrian Center where fun was had by all. We are looking forward to our next schooling show, Firecracker, which will be held on July 8 at Pratensé Farms. Send your entries in to our show secretary, Teresa Litchfield.

I hope everyone enjoys a safe and fun summer!

Your President,
Judy Nordstrom

April 2017

Dear Members and Friends,

Spring has sprung! As usual, I am not sorry to see the winter go even though this year was assuredly not our worst! I am awaiting warmer temperatures with anticipation of new growth that comes with spring and rejoice in the thought of not having to dress in three or more layers before leaving the house to head out to the barn! I hate to surmise how much time I have spent bundling and unbundling myself and my horse for the cold weather! Soon that thought will be a distant memory and I will sprint out the door without even the notion of grabbing a jacket.

I just returned from from attending my first ever Dressage World Cup which was held in Omaha, NE. It was a great learning experience watching the most decorated rider in Olympic history, Isabell Werth, champion of this year’s FEI World Cup Dressage Final, compete among the world’s top dressage riders and horses. It was truly spectacular to see the Grand Prix freestyles and try to compare such different, yet amazingly talented horses, work their hearts out for their partners. I was pleased to witness great camaraderie and sportsmanship between the top three contenders at this level of competition. I think this a list of all CLD members attending. Please let me know if I left anyone out: Leslie Burket, Brett Fischer, Judy Ethell, Kate Fleming-Kuhn, Kelly Griffith, Deb Klamen, Martin Kuhn, Pat McVary, Judy Nordstrom, Pinky Noll, Diane Upchurch, and Jenna Upchurch.

Upcoming in our calendar of events this year is IceBreaker, our spring schooling show. Be sure to renew your membership and get signed up for the show. It will be held at Tower Hill Equestrian Center on April 22nd. This is your opportunity to test the waters and practice a test or two before the show season kicks off!

I hope you all have had the opportunity over the last few months to, in one way or another, re-charge or re-set. I find this is necessary for me to do periodically in order to keep my life in perspective. Just to step back, take a breath and put things back in order. Then things seem to take off running again! It’s a constant struggle to slow down and remember to enjoy the ride, the journey, as they call it.

Your President,
Judy Nordstrom

January 2017

Greetings members and friends and welcome to 2017! I hope everyone had a joyous holiday season.

I attended a segment of the 2016 Adequan/USDF Annual Convention this past December. It was held at the Hyatt Regency Hotel at the foot of the Gateway Arch, situated on the Mississippi Riverfront in St. Louis. I felt the need to take advantage of the proximity of the convention, as it may be another long while before it is that close to home again.

I sat in on the roundtable discussions that were hosted by the GMO committee. I was hoping for some insight regarding some of the challenges facing our GMO these days, such as a decline in membership as well as declining volunteerism. What I learned is that we are not alone. These issues appear to be commonplace among most if not all of the other GMO’s! Many boards are recycling the same few people year to year and struggle to develop new leaders. This was all too familiar to me! I did gather some ideas and welcome any insight from readers out there who would like to become more involved with strengthening the livelihood of our GMO.

The close of the year invites us to reflect upon 2016 as well as look forward to 2017. Upon my reflection, there were many celebratory events as well as humbling mistakes, some successes and some blunders, but all in all a pretty good year. Ready or not we are already embarking on the new year which is sure to bestow upon us some new challenges and obstacles but hopefully growth and wisdom as well. This is the time to envision our dreams, make resolutions, break them, set new goals. Whatever it is you plan to accomplish, whether it is to exercise more, watch less TV, eat healthier, drink 10 glasses of water, or take a nap, I wish you all success at reaching whatever dreams and goals you set out to achieve.

Your President,
Judy Nordstrom

November 2016

Hello Members and Friends,

Beautiful signs of fall are all around us! The leaves this year are especially brilliant and it won’t be long before we have our first frost. It’s time to start digging out our horse sheets and blankets in preparation for the cold weather. However, for the time being, I plan to enjoy these last few unseasonably warm November days!

CLD hosted a clinic in collaboration with the Pony Club at the end of October with Melanie Michalak. As expected, everyone had a great time riding to her upbeat music!

Don’t forget that our Annual meeting and awards banquet will be held on November 19 at 6pm at the Sangamo Club in Springfield. Get your reservations in and collect your year-end awards!

It’s also time to renew your club membership and nominate your horse for next year. Renew now!

Later in November the USDF Annual Convention will take place from November 30-December 3 in St. Louis. Be sure to take advantage of its close proximity to central Illinois and meet Fredbird at Thursday’s welcoming party in St Louis.

Happy fall everyone,

Judy Nordstrom,

October 2016

Hello members and friends!

It’s hard to believe we are winding down another competition year. I hope everyone has had some victories this season, whatever size they might be. Congratulations to all whether it was getting your horse down Centerline twice or reaching that score that has sent you on to the US Finals. Success can be measured in many different ways!

Don’t forget to send in your scores to our awards chair no later than October 15 to receive awards at this year’s CLD awards banquet. Also send in any photos you would like to share to our newsletter editor or webmaster!

Also coming up later this month, CLD is sponsoring a Melanie Michalak musical freestyle clinic on October 29-30 to be held at Pratense Farm. This club-subsidized clinic is being offered only to 2016 CLD members at a very affordable rate, especially for those who have given their time and talent to CLD. Please take advantage of this opportunity! Fill out the form in this month’s newsletter!

Looking forward, the USDF Annual Convention is coming up from November 30-December 3 in St Louis. Our club is sponsoring Fredbird to pay a visit at the welcoming party on Thursday evening from 5:30 to 6:30 pm. This should be a hoot!

I would like to remind everyone who has not yet joined or renewed their membership to get it in and enjoy reduced rates for our upcoming clinics and shows! Your support allows us to provide educational events, shows and clinics throughout the year. Also nominate your horse for next year! Please join us!

See you all soon,
Judy Nordstrom,