CLD Award Corrections Due in 3 Days; Membership Rate Increase in 2020

CLD Membership Drive

CLD Awards Banquet • November 2

CLD Director's Reports • Due October 30

CLD Year-End Awards Deadline • October 10!

  • Score Submission Listing Updated
    • Please look over information to see if your horse is on the list. Several submissions are incomplete.
  • Corrections due by October 10; Volunteer hours/fees due by October 10.
  • Schooling show division participants submitting scores from non-CLD schooling shows must provide proof of score.
  • Recognized show division participants need not submit scores.
  • Need Help? Contact Awards Chair

CLD Membership Amnesty Program

As in years past CLD is offering again an Awards Amnesty Program that allows lapsed members to join the club now, nominate and submit scores for their horses to be eligible for 2019 awards if and only if they pay for their 2019 membership and 2020 membership now. (Remember horse owner & rider must be current members.)

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