May 25, 2019 Meeting Minutes

The meeting was called to order by Judy Nordstrom at 2:18pm. Attending were Leslie Burket, Teresa Litchfield, John Simpson and Marilyn Weber. Martin Kuhn slipped in a bit late and joined us in progress.

Electronic Discussions

Secretary Leslie Burket compiled, reviewed and posted the March 25, 2019 minutes to WriteBoard, for all to review. This was followed by a vote and the minutes were approved.

President – Judy Nordstrom

  • Judy opened the meeting with a focus on the upcoming CLD show in June.
    • Judy volunteered to be the Volunteer Coordinator. Thanks, Judy!
    • The plan is to offer 1/2 day shifts to keep the volunteers ‘fresh’ and pleased with their work.
    • It was discussed having four ring steward positions but John mentioned that at the Arab show, which was run exactly as the CLD Show will be run, they only had one ring steward, positioned by the arena. That person had a microphone that can be heard in all barns and arenas. He would announce who was exiting the arena, who was entering the arena and who was next. Riders took it upon themselves to make sure they were gate-side when time for their ride. Bit checks were also performed.
    • Previously Casey Eiten expressed interest in being Sponsorship Coordinator. Judy will contact her and see if she is still available to help.
    • The Sponsorship Form was sent to all board members to share.
    • Judy will check with Jordan Wilton to see if she can be the Safety Officer.
    • We welcome competing riders that can run the tests between their scheduled rides. This option needs to be shared with all riders.
    • Teresa will coordinate the Ice Cream Social Saturday afternoon – yummy!
    • John has ordered ribbons and he and Teresa are reviewing prizes.
    • As always, on Friday at 5:30p, the heavily guarded door that is protecting the scrumptious Chicken Dinner, with all the trimmings, (chips, salads, dessert and drinks) is opened. As before, this yummy dinner is complimentary to all participating in the show! First Come – First Eats! Plenty of seating just outside the door! Get to know your competitors and have fun!

Membership – Casey Eiten

  • We currently have 50 members on the USDF roster.

Treasurer – Katie Keim

  • Current Bank Balance: $ 5,902.30
  • GL Bal: $ 3,474.75
  • CD Balance: $25,843.41

Web Master – Martin Kuhn

  • Email Newsletter Stats
    • Newsletters sent out since last meeting: 2
    • Subscribers: 141 – down 2 from last report
    • Average opening rate: 54%, up slightly
  • Website Traffic
    • Site visits and traffic is down between 10-15% from this time last year.


  • Facebook likes: 690, up nearly 40 from last report
  • Twitter followers: up slightly

Schooling Shows & Education

  • Our 2019 IceBreaker schooling show has come and gone and was quite a success! Tower Hill Equestrian Center is a delightful, and quite accommodating, facility. Even though rides were scheduled for outside, when the rains fell, the morning rides were moved to the indoor and all adjusted well. The stick pony classes brought in riders of all ages and were enjoyed by all! The show was well attended and many compliments were shared around. A special thanks to Tower Hill for their help with stabling the outside horses and their flexibility working around the weather. And a ‘Tip of the Hat’ to Teresa for managing this delightful show as well as the wonderful volunteers that make this show happen! Great Job everyone! We thank all that attended and look forward to our future shows!
  • Just around the corner, and rapidly approaching, is our FireCracker show, scheduled for Saturday, July 13th, at Tower Hill Equestrian Center.
  • The CLD Winter Education gathering and potluck was a great success! To help us all stay motivated through these blustery winter days, Kate Fleming-Kuhn prepared a presentation focused on ‘The Rider’s Seat’ as that is something we should always aim to perfect. We added a potluck and invited all club members to come to a ‘lunch and learn’. The rider’s seat is always important, even when it is cold and you just want to ‘huddle/hoover on the horse when cold – don’t! Consciously and constantly review your seat and its many options. The attentive audience took a ‘deep dive’ into the seat discussion and a dialog developed as to the many ways the rider can influence the horse, both good and bad. All went home with a variety of ‘riding tools’ to add to their tool box, as well as a full tummy of delicious food and super deserts! Thanks, Kate for motivation to keep us riding as well as improving through these cold months!!! Many thanks to all that helped with the potluck – it was yummy and, judging by the many conversations, all had a good time catching up and chatting after the presentation!

New Business – Judy Nordstrom

  • Thinking ahead to the awards dinner, Judy suggested we select a destination now, rather than waiting till later. Overall, participants are pleased with our selection of venues. Having tried a more casual atmosphere for a couple of events, participants were not eager to try it again. The Sangamo Club was discussed and Judy volunteered to check with them to see if it will be an option. She welcomes any suggestions for other venues!
  • Judy shared that 2020 is going to be a very busy, and exciting, year as she will be planning her daughter’s wedding! The date for the wedding is June 20th – the same weekend as the CLD show! This is a heads up to the club that she anticipates having her hands full until after the wedding! Making this happen will be explored by the board as we move forward this year.

Attendance at board meetings and reports were sparse this month due to over-challenged schedules. How quickly the show season was magically upon us, bringing somewhat drier and warmer weather.

Our next board meeting will be 6/8/19 at 2pm in the StarWest lounge. The meeting was officially adjourned at 3:04pm.

Respectfully Submitted, Leslie Burket