January 26, 2019 Meeting Minutes

The meeting was called to order by Judy Nordstrom @ 2:08 PM.

Attending was Leslie Burket, Teresa Litchfield, Casey Eiten and John Simpson. Although there are few committee reports, there was much to be discussed.

As this is her first meeting, we welcomed Casey to the board as our new Vice President and Membership Chair. Welcome Casey!

Electronic Discussions
Due to decisions, schedules and deadlines for all, we had an unusual number of electronic discussions between meetings to insure we had a quorum for all motions.

  • On October 14th, Alice Martin proposed and Martin Kuhn seconded to accept the September board minutes. The minutes were approved.
  • A motion was made by Alice Martin on October 14, seconded by Kate Fleming-Kuhn, for the club to subsidize the tickets to the November 3, 2018 Awards Banquet by the following amounts:

    • Chicken – $4.60 per person
    • Beef – $8.00 per person
    • Veggie – $2.40 per person The motion passed.
  • With the above subsidy from the club, ticket prices to attendees will be:

    • Chicken: $35/per ticket to the attendee
    • Beef: $40/per ticket to the attendee
    • Veggie Stir Fry: $30/per ticket to the attendee
  • On October 18th, a proposal was offered by Judy Nordstrom and a motion made by Alice Martin and seconded by Marilyn Weber, that CLD sponsor a coffee break at the 2018 USDF annual convention ($200 expenditure) in lieu of the traditional GMO basket. The motion passed.
  • Due to a variety of commitments that board members have this weekend, it was decided to cancel the scheduled board meeting (10/19/18) and transact all business electronically this month.
  • On November 2nd, a motion was made by Alice Martin and seconded by Martin Kuhn to accept the 2019 slate of officers as: Judy Nordstrom, President; Casey Eiten, Vice-President; Katie Keim, Treasurer and Leslie Burket, Secretary. The motion passed.
  • A motion was suggested by Judy Nordstrom, moved by Martin Kuhn on 12/8/18 and seconded by Marilyn Weber, for CLD to donate $200 in memory of Paul Briney to the Land of Lincoln Honor Flight. The motion passed unanimously.
  • On January 20th an amended motion was made by Martin Kuhn and seconded by Alice Martin & Paula Briney, to schedule the CLD schooling shows. IceBreaker will be scheduled for April 27, 2019 at Tower Hill Equestrian Center and FireCracker on July 13, 2019 at Tower Hill Equestrian Center. The motion passed.
  • Alice Martin made a motion on January 20th and Paula Briney seconded to accept a change to the by-laws that The Reader newsletter be published on an as needed basis so long as no fewer than two issues per calendar year are released. Additionally, email newsletters, as needed throughout the year, may be published. This is in contrast to the eleven issues per year that are currently mandated by the by-laws. The motion passed. This is the end of all electronic discussions.

President Judy Nordstrom

  • Judy has been working on getting our liability insurance in place for this year.
  • A suggestion was presented about the possibility of hosting a couple of ‘learning sessions’, accompanied by a potluck, during these cold months. Suggested topics included discussing the newly updated USDF National tests (training through 4th level) as well as biomechanics, the value and benefit of a seat lesson and bits and their differences, how to fit to the horse, when to move to a double, etc. The floor is open to more ideas. Casey was bubbling with energy and willing to do a presentation but her time is limited right now. She is also willing to team up with someone to present a learning session. Potential date, February 23rd, was discussed as the first session so we could transition from the CLD Board Meeting to the later learning session.

VP & Membership Chair Casey Eiten

Casey reports that she has been gathering information and records from Kelly and is ready to roll. She has three new members she will be sending to USDF this week. That will bring our membership to 40 members for this year.

Treasurer Katie Keim

We welcome young Archer to the Keim family and we will look for our treasurer’s update next month.

Web Martin Kuhn

  • Email Newsletter Stats:
    • Newsletters sent out since last report: 1
    • Subscribers: 143 – up 9 from last report
    • Average opening rate was up noticeably ~ 50%
  • Website Traffic:
    • Visits are up 20.1% year over year
    • Page views are up nearly up 37% year over year
    • Unique visitors up nearly almost 32%
    • Visitors are:
      • 54% from searches
      • 4% from directly typing the address
      • 3% from social media – Facebook mostly and Twitter
    • Geographic Popularity: 95% US, 1% UK, Canada and Russia, Australia, Philippines, Aruba, Denmark, Sweden & Guatemala round out the top ten countries.
  • Social Media:
    • FaceBook likes: 651, up slightly
    • Twitter followers are unchanged

Office Reports: John Simpson

  • Fairground’s Coliseum Update: John reports that the current completion date for the Coliseum is July 21 2019. However, there is an incentive available if it is completed prior to that date. Unfortunately, not knowing requires us to move forward with our ‘7am to 7pm’ show format, similar to last year. There will be another coliseum meeting soon so there should be some updates coming.
  • CLD has sponsored two USDF classes and The Dressage Foundation (TDF) as we, the club and membership, significantly benefit from them. A decision needs to be made about doing the same this year.

Office Reports: Paula Briney

Paula reports that, due only to the unavailability of the coliseum, Horse Fair will not host any Classical Dressage or Western Dressage events in 2019.

Schooling Shows

Teresa has agreed to manage both IceBreaker and FireCracker as long as there is a day manager. IceBreaker is scheduled for April 27th and FireCracker is July 13th. We have partnered with Tower Hill, who will be our facility host for both shows this year. Teresa thought it would be fun to have a ‘fun’ activity at the shows. After a lively discussion, it was decided to have a ‘stick pony class’ contest at IceBreaker and a ‘crazy sox’ contest at FireCracker. These will be judged events but full of fun for competitors and non-competitors. Teresa will pass this information along to Jeanne for the Omnibus as well as promoting to the membership and local facilities.


Our next meeting will be Saturday, February 23rd, at 2:00 p.m. in the StarWest Lounge. The meeting was officially adjourned at 2:59 pm.

Respectfully Submitted, Leslie Burket