July 14, 2018 Meeting Minutes

The meeting was called to order by Judy Nordstrom @ 2:07pm. Present were Alice Martin, Teresa Litchfield, Leslie Burket, John Simpson, Jordan Wilton and Kelly Griffith. Paula called in but the connection wasn’t always clear.

Electronic Discussions:

  • On June 15th, Alice Martin made a motion, and Martin Kuhn seconded, to accept the CLD Board minutes for the June 9th, 2018 meeting. The minutes were approved.
  • On July 18, Teresa Litchfield motioned, and Alice Martin seconded, to hold a CLD sponsored clinic featuring George Williams on September 22-23, for up to 10 rides per day for a day rate of $1500. The motion passed unanimously.
  • On July 18, Paula Briney made a motion which Alice Martin and John Simpson seconded, to nominate Marilyn Weber and Alice Martin to the Nominating Committee. The motion passed unanimously and the committee now consists of Paula Briney, Marilyn Weber, Alice Martin and Judy Nordstrom.

President Judy Nordstrom

Judy started our meeting with the need for a nominating committee to be established as our deadlines are rapidly approaching. She is encouraging all to look wide and deep among our membership to bring in some fresh ideas and talents. Paula joined the discussion (by phone) and volunteered to chair the Nominating Committee. Leslie moved and Alice seconded that Paula chair the nominating committee. Vote was unanimous. Paula will recommend the members of the committee via email.

VP/Membership – Kelly Griffith

Kelly reports that we currently have 60 members.

Treasurer – Katie Keim

  • Current Bank Balance: $20,000.06
  • GL Bal: $13,450.72
  • CD Balance: $25,770.71
  • Net Income/loss: $2,783.30 net income


John Simpson – CLD Classic Show

  • John reports that the show went well and riders were fine with the 7a – 7p schedule.
  • Waiting for the Fair Grounds to submit their invoices for payment.
  • The judges were reversed on scores sent in for the rides on Saturday and Sunday.
  • USDF has fined CLD $250 for not sending our scores in on time. Alice volunteered to send a letter, seeking an explanation and resolution of the situation.
  • USEF has a requirement that all fees due them be electronically submitted within ten calendar days of the completion of the competition. The treasurer had problems submitting the funds electronically so Judy paid the $2560 USEF fees electronically. Going forward, both the management team and the Treasurer need to be synched up so these payments are processed as soon as possible.

Teresa Litchfield – FireCracker Schooling Show

  • Teresa reported that the show, held on July 7th, at Tower Hill, went smoothly and riders seemed pleased with the event. Sally Atterberry was the manager and Kim Krieckhaus the judge. Classical and western dressage classes, as well as some fun classes, were offered.
  • Discussion continued about organizing a ‘cheat sheet’ for future schooling show managers and secretaries. This should help bring continuity to our schooling shows as well as provide a guide for the management team. Teresa has volunteered to put something together for us to review.

Our next meeting will be Saturday, September 15th, at 2:00 p.m. in the StarWest Lounge.

The meeting was officially adjourned at 3:34pm.

Respectfully Submitted, Leslie Burket