February 24, 2018 Meeting Minutes

The meeting was called to order at 2:20 p.m. In attendance: President Judy Nordstrom, Kelly Griffith, John Simpson, Kate Fleming-Kuhn and Malcolm, Katie Keim and Anastasia, Paula Briney on phone, Alice Martin and Chrissy Jacobs.

Chrissie reported on a trip to Parkway Printers with Judy where they looked at wicking jackets and T-shirts as possible fundraisers. The Board will have an online vote about ordering t-shirts and jackets.

Judy announced she is looking for a Volunteer Coordinator for the CLD Classic. There was a discussion on requiring three hours of volunteer time or a payment of $100 for each horse owner or lessee in order to take part in CLD Awards program.

There was discussion on appointing Chrissy Jacobs as our replacement membership secretary. Vice President Kelly Griffith has continued functioning as membership secretary as her replacement has not fulfilled the duties.

Illinois State Fairgrounds Report – Paula Briney

  • The Capital Development Board has been hired for the repair of the Coliseum. Work is due to start on May 1 with a seven million dollar budget. They will start on the Coliseum interior and then move to the exterior. Paula noted that the inside walls in the covered arena are now white and there are bleachers now on both long sides. Barn 13 is due to be repaired by mid-May in time for the CLD Classic in June. They will start on the interior of the 25 Series.

Membership Report – Kelly Griffith

  • Since the January Board meeting, four renewals have been received, giving us 42 members thus far for 2018.

Web Report – Martin Kuhn

  • Two email newsletters sent out since last report. We stand at 134 subscribers, down from 135 (1 bounced back email). Our average opening rate is at around 47%.
  • Website Traffic spiked noticeably after most recent update but still below what we had last year at this time.
  • Facebook followers are up slightly to 637. Twitter followers are down slightly to 45.

Treasurer Report - Katie Keim

  • Final 2017 numbers: Current bank balance is $8999.64; savings balance is $25,754.80. Loss for 2018 thus far is ($1683.69).
  • The tax return has been filed. There were no 1099’s this year as the 2017 Classic was not held.

Newsletter – Alice Martin

  • February Reader was electronically distributed on the 17th. Paper copies were mailed. Judy noted it would require a By-Laws change to put the Reader on a quarterly basis.

Symposium Report – Kate Fleming-Kuhn

  • Currently nothing on the agenda with no suggestions for an educational discussion.

Next meeting: Saturday, April 7th, at 2:00 p.m. in the StarWest Lounge.

The meeting adjourned at 3:45 p.m.

Respectfully Submitted,
Alice Martin