January 14, 2018 Meeting Minutes

The meeting was called to order at 12:15pm. In attendance: Judy Nordstrom, Kelly Griffith, Marilyn Weber, John Simpson, Jordan Wilton, Teresa Litchfield, Kate Fleming-Kuhn, Katie Keim, Paula Briney, Alice Martin, and Chrissy Jacobs.

Judy reports that the club’s insurance is up for renewal which brings to question the status of CLD Classic.

Membership - Kelly Griffith

  • Currently we have 38 members – typical for this time of year.
  • The club will work on sending out a letter to those people who have not yet sent in their membership form. We will include a membership form with the letter to make it easy for the person to fill it out and send it back to us.

Treasurer - Katie Keim

  • Final 2017 numbers: Current bank balance is $10,816.90; savings balance is $25,746.23. Not much activity.
  • The tax return has not yet been filed.

Newsletter - Alice Martin

  • Last newsletter went out in October 2017.

Social Media - Jordan Wilton

  • Currently 630 likes on FaceBook.
  • Photos get the most likes and activity on the page – please send photos and any success stories or fun news to Jordan Wilton and she will post them to the FaceBook page to generate activity.

Awards - Teresa Litchfield

  • Suggested we order new clothing for prizes. Orders can be placed through Parkway Printers for a nominal price. Additionally, the club could order a few other items to sell to members. Items can be ordered on an as needed basis and could be used as both awards or a fundraiser. Silk screening is an option.
  • Judy and Chrissy will plan to work on getting more information and will bring it to the club at the next meeting.
  • Marilyn brought painted glassware she purchased for $12 each via Kathryn’s Custom Art. Glasses could be ordered and customized as unique prizes for both shows or year-end awards.
  • https://www.facebook.com/Kathryns-Custom-Art-1646699975586462/
  • The club would like to use these for CLD Classic show awards and would like to see if they could do other items for the year end Banquet.

Symposium - Kate Fleming-Kuhn/Judy Nordstrom

  • Currently nothing on the agenda with no suggestions for an educational discussion.
  • A saddle fitting clinic was suggested – could have a discussion with potluck followed by fittings. Paula has one planned with Pony Club and CLD could join. A date has not been decided. Paula will report back to the club.

Illinois Horse Fair etc.

  • Paula reports that Barn 13 has $100,000 allocated to repair the roof and there are no plans to close the building. Illinois Horse Fair is still going forth for March 2018. Repairs will likely occur following Horse Fair, as it is thought they will be completed in 10 weeks. Hope is that in the next two weeks Governor Rauner will have negotiated a deal to begin work on the Coliseum. The horse council will place an open letter in the State Journal-Register discussing which shows will proceed or cancel due to the current status of the Illinois Fairground Facilities.
  • Megan McIssac, from Wisconsin, will be the clinician for the dressage sessions.
  • CLD could ask her to give a talk for club members on a chosen topic or one of her own choice.
  • Marilyn moved we have a presence and give a $200 sponsorship. Teresa seconded. All approved.
  • As things are no worse than last year, the decision is to continue to have CLD Classic I & II as planned.

USDF Convention

  • In the past, CLD has donated a GMO basket for the USDF Convention as a way to represent the club at the annual USDF Convention. However, our basket has been slightly lackluster lately. We need to discuss if we want to upgrade our basket to align with those of other clubs or if we would, instead, like to make a donation to USDF.
  • Ideas to help compose a basket would be to purchase items via Amazon and have them shipped directly to the hotel where convention is being held.
  • It was suggested that whoever the club sends to the USDF Convention should be responsible for selecting items and assembling the club’s basket at the USDF Convention.
  • Marilyn moved that we donate a basket, Alice seconded. All were in favor.
  • The price of the basket will be determined on the number of the donations the club receives.

Schooling Shows

  • The 2018 dates for the schooling shows have been determined:
    • Icebreaker April 28th – Managed by Teresa Litchfield
    • Firecracker July 7th – Managed by Sally Atteberry
  • Teresa moved to hold the shows at Tower Hill this year. Alice seconded. All were in favor. They will be held at Tower Hill. Alice will secure judges for both shows.
  • Paula would be willing to hold Firecracker at Pratense. However, the facility lacks stabling and will not have a caterer. The club would offer a potluck.

The meeting adjourned at 1:37pm.

Next meeting: Saturday, February 24th at 2:00pm in the StarWest Lounge.

Respectfully Submitted,
Jordan Wilton