July 29, 2017 Meeting Minutes

The meeting was called to order at 2:09 p.m. by President Judy Nordstrom. Attendees included Teresa Litchfield, John Simpson, Marilyn Weber, Alice Martin and Leslie Burket.

Electronic Discussions

  • On 7/25/17, Alice motioned and Kelly seconded that the 2018 Classic I and II shows be held at the IL State Fairgrounds. Approval by the board was unanimous.

President’s Report

  • Judy reports that she is currently submitting the paperwork for the 2018 Classic shows.
  • With our membership at 68 members, there was a lively, but serious, discussion as to how to enlist volunteers from our membership. Our shows are well supported but volunteer staffing continues to be a challenge.

Treasurer’s Report

Although not present, Katie Keim provided the following:

  • Current Bank Balance $11,444.11
  • CD Balance: $25,721.54
  • Net Income: $4,236.36
  • Dinner/auction Fundraiser: $4,408.92
  • von Dietze Clinic: $328.50
  • FireCracker Schooling Show: $235.25

Membership Report

  • Kelly Griffith reports that we have eight new members, bringing our members to 68 for 2017.

Webmaster Report

  • Martin Kuhn reports that since June, a total of four newsletters have been distributed of which two were newsletters and two were invitation/reminders for upcoming events.
  • There are currently 137 subscribers, down one.
  • Average newsletter opening rate ranged from 36-47%, due to the variety of topics this month.
  • For the von Dietze Banquet and Fundraiser there was a 36% opening rate for invites and reminders.
  • July web traffic is down a bit as June traffic was the highest for the year.

Social Media Report

Jordan Wilton reports that a Facebook Promotion/Ad Trial was used to track the Susanne von Dietze event.

  • The Susanne von Dietze Clinic Ad ran for 10 days preceding the event. We used the free $30 coupon from Facebook as an incentive to try their ad feature.
  • The ad reached all CLD Facebook ‘friends’ who ‘like’ the page, as well as anyone 18 and older, within 50 miles of the Springfield area.
  • Total number of people reached: 3,439
  • Total number of people reached without ad (organically): 823
  • Number met by only the ad: 2,616
  • Number of people who clicked on the ad: 287
  • Number of interactions (likes, shares, comments): 58
  • We increased the number of page likes by seven people after running this ad.
  • Jordan reports that FaceBook now has 612 likes.

CLD Classic Show

John has done some comparison checking on the prices of the IL State Fairgrounds and we will incur a substantial savings by not using the Coliseum this year. For our 2018 CLD show, we will be paying $375/day for the covered arena and Barn 13. Before the two buildings and the Coliseum were priced at $1500/day. There are no additional charges for the extended hours we are anticipating. As the Coliseum is closed, the show office will be in a room in Barn 14. The charge for stalls in Barn 14 will be $60/day/ea., as before.


  • Betsy Steiner will do a three day clinic at Pratensé Farms Farms on October 13-15, 2017.
  • Tower Hill will host a schooling show on September 23, 2017.
  • 2018 Illinois Horse Fair is March 2-4, 2018.

New Business

  • In support of the 2017 USDF Annual Convention to be held in Lexington, Kentucky, it was agreed that we would like to donate $300 toward the Board of Governor’s Friday afternoon snack break. Voting will occur online.
  • A 2018 nomination committee will be organized to compile a Nominating Slate that will accommodate the publishing requirement.

Our next meeting will be Saturday, September 3, 2017, at 2 p.m. in the StarWest Lounge.

Leslie motioned and Alice seconded for the unanimous 3:25 p.m. adjournment.

Respectfully Submitted, Leslie Burket – CLD Secretary