June 3, 2017 Meeting Minutes

President Judy Nordstrom called the meeting to order at 2:12. Also in attendance were Kate Fleming-Kuhn, Kelly Griffith, Katie Keim and Anastasia,Teresa Litchfield, Martin Kuhn and Malcolm, Alice Martin, and John Simpson.

Webmaster Report by Martin Kuhn

Two newsletters have been published since the last Board of Directors meeting. The first had an opening rate just below 50%; the second, just under 40%. We have 138 subscribers, down one from the last report. Website traffic is 5x higher than it was in March. Facebook is up slightly with 577 likes; ditto Twitter followers, 43. There are 10 paper copies being distributed, four going to non-members in 2017. Martin will send list of non-members for removal.

Symposium Report by Kate Fleming-Kuhn

The Susanne von Dietze Clinic sponsored by CLD on June 16-18 at StarWest is not completely filled. Four auditors have signed up. Lunch, including a mini-lecture, is provided in the riders’ fee and available by RSVP to auditors.

Fund Raising Dinner and Silent Auction Report by Judy Nordstrom

Several nice items have been donated for the auction at the Springfield Motor Boat Club on Saturday, June 17. Very few RSVPs have been received for the dinner and lecture by von Dietze. A sheet listing some of the items in the auction and reminder for dinner reservations will be coming out shortly. Please encourage your friends to attend a Jimmy Oh dinner in a lovely setting.

Membership Report by Kelly Griffith

Currently we have 60 members, down from the 85-90 for this same time period in the last few years. Five members joined to ride at a discount at IceBreaker. This is down from 10-15 new members joining at IceBreaker in years past.

FireCracker Report by Teresa Litchfield

Volunteers are needed, please contact Teresa at teresa.litchfield57@gmail.com or call (309) 368-9779. Lisa Holderle is judge at the CLD show held at Pratense Farm on July 8.

Classic I & II Dressage Show Report by John Simpson

John reported on the ARAB, Inc. show he just managed in May at the National Equestrian Center, a possible venue for the 2018 Classic, as the Coliseum will not be available for our June date. We would be sharing the NEC with a Connemara show. John found the NEC ran about $350 more per day than the State Fairgrounds. Stall fees would be $20 more per stall there than at the Fairgrounds. If the show is held locally at the IL State Fairgrounds, we will have a one ring show with long days, possibly 7am-10pm. Directors will be voting on the venue electronically so more directors can weigh in on this important decision than were present today.

Treasurer’s Report by Katie Keim

IceBreaker, managed by Teresa Litchfield, cleared $383.25. CLD has $25,717.56 in savings and $6,574.69 in the checking account.

Directors Reports

Teresa suggested a raffle as another fund raising idea. She can get two $500 Lowe’s cards at a discount. If each member sold five $20 tickets, a tidy sum could be raised for a retailer throughout the Midwest that has products of use for about any household. Alice mentioned The Dressage Foundation has an on-line auction going now that includes the offer of several clinicians. It would be an easy way to secure a new low-cost clinician for the grassroots members of the club and donate to TDF.

The next meeting of the CLD Board will be at StarWest on July 29 at 2 p.m.

At 3:35 p.m. Kelly motioned and John seconded for adjournment.