April 8, 2017 Meeting Minutes

The meeting was called to order at 2:17 p.m. by President Judy Nordstrom. Attendees included Alice Martin, John Simpson, Martin and Malcolm Kuhn, Teresa Litchfield and Leslie Burket.

Email Discussions

  • Martin motioned and Kelly seconded to approve the March 25, 2017 CLD meeting minutes. The minutes were approved on March 28, 2017.

Secretary Report - Leslie Burket Reporting

  • The minutes from Saturday, March 25th meeting, were compiled, reviewed and posted to WriteBoard on March 27th for board review.

Treasurer Report - Katie Keim Reporting in absentia

  • Current Bank Balance $6,754.19
  • CD Balance $25,708.15

Membership Report - Kelly Griffith Reporting in absentia

  • Kelly reports that we have three new members, bringing our membership to 50 for 2017.

Awards Banquet

  • Steve Todd has been very helpful in providing information about the Motorboat Club as the location for our 2017 Awards Banquet. Judy and Teresa were able to take a tour of the recently renovated facility and met with Chef Jimmy O, a well known local chef. They were impressed with the facility, menu, prices, availability of the AV equipment and the generous space, resulting in a signed contract for our banquet!


  • Discussion continued for the Susanne von Dietze lecture, dinner and silent auction in June. After reviewing our options, the decision was made to recommend the Motorboat Club for this function.

Schooling Shows

  • It was suggested that we offer sponsorships for classes at IceBreaker and Firecracker, similar to CLD Classic class sponsors. The idea was a hit and IceBreaker immediately had five $10 sponsors and one sponsor for Firecracker. Teresa will add the sponsorship option to the show bills for each show, hoping to generate additional support.
  • John will get Teresa the ribbons for IceBreaker and FireCracker.

CLD Classic Show 2018

  • Because construction for the Coliseum repairs does not have a timeline yet, and is still not underway, it was decided to look to other facilities for our 2018 show. Judy was able to secure our standard weekend dates, June 23–24, 2018, at the National Equestrian Center (NEC). John Simpson has agreed to be our Day Manager for the show.

Director’s Reports

  • Paula Briney submitted the following: Betsy Steiner will be at Pratense Farms on July 21–23, 2017 and October 13–15, 2017. Paula is still working on a future clinic with Jennifer Kotylo with a target date of May 6–7. It has not been decided if any of these clinics will be CLD sponsored.
  • John Simpson reports that, after visiting the fairgrounds, there is no evidence of any construction work being done on the Coliseum. Enclosing the north and south sides of the covered outdoor arena is underway. The Food Arama area has been converted into a small arena, not large enough for a 20 x 60 dressage arena.

New Business

  • In support of the 2017 USDF Annual Convention, it was agreed that we would like to donate $300 toward the Board of Governor’s Friday afternoon snack break. Voting will occur online.

Our next meeting will be Saturday, June 3, 2017, at 2 p.m. in the StarWest Lounge.

John motioned and Teresa seconded for the unanimous 3:20 p.m. adjournment.

Respectfully Submitted,
Leslie Burket – CLD Secretary