June 18, 2016 Meeting Minutes

The meeting was called to order at 2:05 pm by President Judy Nordstrom. Attendees include Alice Martin, Leslie Burket, Martin Kuhn, Malcolm Kuhn, Kim Jones, Teresa Litchfield and John Simpson.

Meeting Minutes

The April minutes were approved electronically as we did not hold a board meeting in May.

Treasurer Report

Unable to attend, Katie provided the following report updates:

  • Current Bank Balance $3,409.39
  • 2016 net loss ($3,331.75)
  • CD Balance $25,669.83

Membership Report

Kelly reports that with three renewals, we now have 83 members. She received a new member form but is waiting for the check, which was not included with the membership form or in the count.

Webmaster Report

  • Martin reported that 2 email newsletters have been sent out since the last meeting. There were 125 subscribers for the first newsletter and 137 for the second newsletter. Average opening rate has increased to almost 60%, up about 10%. Click rate (subscribers who open the email and then click on a link) is still around 30%.
  • Traffic on the website continues to increase, with the number of monthly visitors about double from what it was in December 2015.
  • CLD Facebook has 534 likes, up from 510.
  • Twitter followers have increased from 37 to 39.
  • While this has no impact on any of the above statistics, one subscriber opened the newsletter 794 times.

Reader Newsletter

The next newsletter is ready to go out.

CLD Classic I & II

  • Kim Jones has several open volunteer positions including a scribe and a Sunday morning Safety Officer. We were reminded that the Safety Officer should be dedicated to that position and will meet with the TD to share our safety plan. An EMT will also be on the show grounds. Alice will fill the Sunday afternoon scribe position.
  • John will pick up the arena from StarWest. He has a ring crew to set up the arenas.
  • We have 113 scheduled rides for the Saturday show and 114 for Sunday.
    Kim will not be at the horse show. Do we need to find another ‘ice cream donor/distributor’?
  • The Friday night chicken dinner will be served from 5 until 7pm.
  • The ‘stall cleaner’ has asked that he be paid directly for cleaning stalls after the show as the state is behind on his payments.


  • Teresa brought us up to date on the awards that are in our inventory and potential uses for them.
  • Also discussed were some ideas for future awards as well as options for those that win two awards.
  • After a discussion about the embroidery for saddle pads, it was decided to secure bids for our next order.


  • Kate reports that eight riders have been selected for the Lilo Fore clinic that will be held on June 27th and 28th at StarWest. Rider bios will be available.
  • Alice will be our ‘Lunch Lady’ for the clinic.
  • Although auditing is encouraged, with an option for lunch, not many have yet committed.
  • Kate proposed a flyer be posted at the CLD show. Perhaps it could also go in the packet.
  • It has been proposed that we ask Rachel Hill-Jordan to provide an ‘article’ about her experience riding with Lilo Fore in the clinic.

Director’s Reports

  • Paula reports that the ring has been rented to the Morgan Jubilee Show in August and the Abu Show in September. Assistance will be needed to set the ring up for these two shows, as well as CLD Classic.
    Rental for the ring is $50, setup service is $35 and that info is included on the Rental Form.
  • She also needs to know how many stalls (day or overnight) will be needed for FireCracker in July.

New Business

  • It was recommended that bios for the new board members be created (John and Jordan).
  • Time to start thinking about recommendations for the slate of officers.

Our next meeting will be in the StarWest Lounge at 2:00pm on August 13, 2016.

Leslie moved and Martin seconded to adjourn at 3:24 p.m.

Respectively Submitted,
Leslie Burket, CLD Secretary