November 5, 2016 Meeting Minutes

The meeting was called to order at 2:08 p.m. by President Judy Nordstrom. Attendees included Kelly Griffith, Paula Briney, Martin, Kate and Malcolm Kuhn, Katie and Anastasia Keim, Teresa Litchfield, John Simpson, Alice Martin, Marilyn Weber, Jordan Wilton and Leslie Burket. Sue Graham joined us later.

Electronic Discussions

  • Martin motioned, and Jordan seconded, that CLD subsidize $6.00 for each meal at the Awards Dinner, bringing the price per person to $25.00. The proposal passed with two votes against.
  • The September 2016 minutes were approved electronically.

Treasurer Report:

  • Current Bank Balance $8,569.00
  • 2016 net income $1,851.68
  • CD Balance $25,693.25

Membership Report
Kelly reports that we finished out 2016 with 90 members. Time for all to renew as several have already done!

Webmaster Report

  • Three email newsletters have been sent since the last meeting. There were 144 subscribers with about 50% of subscribers opening the emails.
  • Traffic on the website is nearly three times what it was last month!
  • CLD Facebook has 553 likes, up slightly.
  • Twitter followers increased a bit to 40.

Reader Newsletter
Alice requested that all newsletter content be submitted to her as soon as possible. Martin said the target distribution date will be November 8th.


  • Teresa has all awards ready for the banquet.
  • Jordan has collected and logged all submitted scores for the awards.

Symposium Kate reported that George Williams will be the clinician for CLD’s Education event. The clinic will be moved from the spring to the fall due to George’s schedule.

Awards Banquet

  • Paula reports that banquet invitations have been mailed. November 15th is the cut-off date to RSVP. She has already received three checks.
  • Drink tickets will be used this year. There will be a separate ticket for beer, wine and soda.
  • Decisions for the special awards will be made this week.


  • Membership completed voting for the 2016 Slate of Nominations. We welcome Kate Fleming-Kuhn, John Simpson, Marilyn Weber and Jordan Wilton back to serve for two years on the CLD Board of Directors.
  • The Board voted and the new officers will be: President is Judy Nordstrom, Vice President is Kelly Griffith, Treasurer is Katie Keim and Secretary is Leslie Burket. Paula moved and Teresa seconded to accept the new officers. Congratulations to all!

Classic Show

  • The Fairground Board has announced that due to structural wear and tear, The Coliseum, one of our arenas used at our Classic Show, is in need of repairs and is currently unavailable for use. As it has not been announced when the construction will commence, we will need an alternative site. When a lively discussion as to an alternative location did not produce any options, it was decided that we will alter our format this year. Rather than the standard two arenas, we will only have one arena – the covered arena at the fairgrounds. We will still have stabling, warm-up areas and food available. Classic 2017 will be a one arena, two day/two show weekend. In consideration of Regional Qualifying guidelines, we will have two judges that will rotate to insure riders will have an opportunity to show/qualify under each judge. To accommodate as many riders as possible, we may run long days. Paula motioned, Marilyn seconded and the vote was unanimous.
  • Discussion for a new manager for the 2017 CLD show has been tabled until our next meeting.

Michalak Clinic

  • Paula reports that the clinic was very successful. Of the 13 participants, there were seven CLD members and six Pony Club members. Expenses were shared by the two groups. Melanie will return on December 9th and 10th for those that want to finish up their existing freestyles. Contact Paula Briney if you are interested in attending the follow-up clinic.

Happy Birthday!

  • We took a short break to sing Happy Birthday to Brett Fisher and have a piece of birthday cake! Happy Birthday, Brett!

New Business

  • Dates for the 2017 schooling shows have been set. IceBreaker will be April 22nd and FireCracker will be July 8th.
  • Omnibus – Paula motioned and Jordan seconded to purchase a one page ad in the 2017 Region 2 & Region 4 Omnibus for $180.

Our next meeting will be January 14, 2017, at 2 p.m. in the StarWest Lounge.

Jordan motioned, Teresa seconded for the unanimous 3:05p adjournment.

Respectfully Submitted,
Leslie Burket – CLD Secretary