September 18, 2016 Meeting Minutes

The meeting was called to order at 2:10 p.m. by President Judy Nordstrom. Attendees included Paula Briney, Kelly Griffith, Kate Fleming-Kuhn, Sue Graham, Katie and Anastasia Keim, Martin and Malcolm Kuhn, Teresa Litchfield, and Alice Martin.

Meeting Minutes 

  • The August minutes were approved electronically.

Treasurer Report

  • Current Bank Balance $9,937.73
  • 2016 net income $6,870.07
  • CD Balance $25,680.82
  • 2016 Classic Income $5,797.51 (final figure)

Membership Report

  • Kelly reports we are steady at 83 members, but have received our first 2017 membership.

Webmaster Report

  • Martin reported that 1 email newsletter has been sent out since the last meeting. There were 135 subscribers with above 51% of subscribers opening the email. There were 257 total openings of the newsletter.
  • Traffic on the website is down slightly from July.
  • CLD Facebook has 546 likes, up slightly.
  • Twitter followers unchanged at 39.

Reader Newsletter

  • The next newsletter needs to contain a reminder to get scores in for the Awards Banquet, a 2017 membership blank, information about the Melanie Michalak clinic.

Michalak Clinic

  • The decision to additionally subsidize the Friday night lecture at $100 is contingent on the date of the Awards Banquet. The Board will vote electronically on the matter when the date of the Awards Banquet has been established.

CLD Classic

  • President Nordstrom reported for John Simpson that Judges Fran Dearing-Kerr and Dinah Babcock have been hired for 2018.

Teresa moved and Katie seconded for the unanimous adjournment at 3:09 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,
Alice Martin, sitting in for CLD Secretary Leslie Burket