May 25, 2019 Meeting Minutes

The meeting was called to order by Judy Nordstrom at 2:18pm. Attending were Leslie Burket, Teresa Litchfield, John Simpson and Marilyn Weber. Martin Kuhn slipped in a bit late and joined us in progress.

Electronic Discussions

Secretary Leslie Burket compiled, reviewed and posted the March 25, 2019 minutes to WriteBoard, for all to review. This was followed by a vote and the minutes were approved.

President – Judy Nordstrom

  • Judy opened the meeting with a focus on the upcoming CLD show in June.
    • Judy volunteered to be the Volunteer Coordinator. Thanks, Judy!
    • The plan is to offer 1/2 day shifts to keep the volunteers ‘fresh’ and pleased with their work.
    • It was discussed having four ring steward positions but John mentioned that at the Arab show, which was run exactly as the CLD Show will be run, they only had one ring steward, positioned by the arena. That person had a microphone that can be heard in all barns and arenas. He would announce who was exiting the arena, who was entering the arena and who was next. Riders took it upon themselves to make sure they were gate-side when time for their ride. Bit checks were also performed.
    • Previously Casey Eiten expressed interest in being Sponsorship Coordinator. Judy will contact her and see if she is still available to help.
    • The Sponsorship Form was sent to all board members to share.
    • Judy will check with Jordan Wilton to see if she can be the Safety Officer.
    • We welcome competing riders that can run the tests between their scheduled rides. This option needs to be shared with all riders.
    • Teresa will coordinate the Ice Cream Social Saturday afternoon – yummy!
    • John has ordered ribbons and he and Teresa are reviewing prizes.
    • As always, on Friday at 5:30p, the heavily guarded door that is protecting the scrumptious Chicken Dinner, with all the trimmings, (chips, salads, dessert and drinks) is opened. As before, this yummy dinner is complimentary to all participating in the show! First Come – First Eats! Plenty of seating just outside the door! Get to know your competitors and have fun!

Membership – Casey Eiten

  • We currently have 50 members on the USDF roster.

Treasurer – Katie Keim

  • Current Bank Balance: $ 5,902.30
  • GL Bal: $ 3,474.75
  • CD Balance: $25,843.41

Web Master – Martin Kuhn

  • Email Newsletter Stats
    • Newsletters sent out since last meeting: 2
    • Subscribers: 141 – down 2 from last report
    • Average opening rate: 54%, up slightly
  • Website Traffic
    • Site visits and traffic is down between 10-15% from this time last year.


  • Facebook likes: 690, up nearly 40 from last report
  • Twitter followers: up slightly

Schooling Shows & Education

  • Our 2019 IceBreaker schooling show has come and gone and was quite a success! Tower Hill Equestrian Center is a delightful, and quite accommodating, facility. Even though rides were scheduled for outside, when the rains fell, the morning rides were moved to the indoor and all adjusted well. The stick pony classes brought in riders of all ages and were enjoyed by all! The show was well attended and many compliments were shared around. A special thanks to Tower Hill for their help with stabling the outside horses and their flexibility working around the weather. And a ‘Tip of the Hat’ to Teresa for managing this delightful show as well as the wonderful volunteers that make this show happen! Great Job everyone! We thank all that attended and look forward to our future shows!
  • Just around the corner, and rapidly approaching, is our FireCracker show, scheduled for Saturday, July 13th, at Tower Hill Equestrian Center.
  • The CLD Winter Education gathering and potluck was a great success! To help us all stay motivated through these blustery winter days, Kate Fleming-Kuhn prepared a presentation focused on ‘The Rider’s Seat’ as that is something we should always aim to perfect. We added a potluck and invited all club members to come to a ‘lunch and learn’. The rider’s seat is always important, even when it is cold and you just want to ‘huddle/hoover on the horse when cold – don’t! Consciously and constantly review your seat and its many options. The attentive audience took a ‘deep dive’ into the seat discussion and a dialog developed as to the many ways the rider can influence the horse, both good and bad. All went home with a variety of ‘riding tools’ to add to their tool box, as well as a full tummy of delicious food and super deserts! Thanks, Kate for motivation to keep us riding as well as improving through these cold months!!! Many thanks to all that helped with the potluck – it was yummy and, judging by the many conversations, all had a good time catching up and chatting after the presentation!

New Business – Judy Nordstrom

  • Thinking ahead to the awards dinner, Judy suggested we select a destination now, rather than waiting till later. Overall, participants are pleased with our selection of venues. Having tried a more casual atmosphere for a couple of events, participants were not eager to try it again. The Sangamo Club was discussed and Judy volunteered to check with them to see if it will be an option. She welcomes any suggestions for other venues!
  • Judy shared that 2020 is going to be a very busy, and exciting, year as she will be planning her daughter’s wedding! The date for the wedding is June 20th – the same weekend as the CLD show! This is a heads up to the club that she anticipates having her hands full until after the wedding! Making this happen will be explored by the board as we move forward this year.

Attendance at board meetings and reports were sparse this month due to over-challenged schedules. How quickly the show season was magically upon us, bringing somewhat drier and warmer weather.

Our next board meeting will be 6/8/19 at 2pm in the StarWest lounge. The meeting was officially adjourned at 3:04pm.

Respectfully Submitted, Leslie Burket

February 23, 2019 Meeting Minutes

CLD Board Meeting

The meeting was called to order by Judy Nordstrom at 2:15pm. Attending were Leslie Burket, Teresa Litchfield and Casey Eiten. Kate and Malcom Kuhn joined us in progress.

President – Judy Nordstrom

Judy opened the meeting with a focus on two programs that have been dormant this past year.

  • We are looking for a sponsorship chair to acquire sponsors to help support our Classic shows. Casey volunteered to help with the sponsorship efforts as she has had some previous experience and enjoys It! All board members are encouraged to help by finding a sponsor.
  • The scholarship program has been inactive for several years due to limited funding. Are we ready to reinstate the program? If yes, we need to review and amend our current guidelines and determine what would be useful to our members. We also need to determine if we have the funding to support the scholarships. More research and discussion need to take place before any decisions can be made about the scholarship program.
  • We are also looking for a volunteer coordinator for our CLD Recognized shows in June.

VP & Membership Chair – Casey Eiten

Casey reports that we have seven new memberships and renewals, bringing our total CLD members to 47! Welcome to our new members as well as those that renewed!

Treasurer – Katie Keim

Katie reports that the 1099’s and 990N e-postcard have been filed with the IRS.

  • Current Bank Balance: $ 6,566.05
  • GL Bal: $ 5,753.05
  • CD Balance: $25,824.13

Attendance and reports were sparse this month due to over-challenged schedules.

We hope to have a full board at our next meeting on Saturday, March TBD, at 2:00pm in the StarWest Lounge.

The meeting was officially adjourned at 3:01pm.

Respectively Submitted,

Leslie Burket

January 26, 2019 Meeting Minutes

The meeting was called to order by Judy Nordstrom @ 2:08 PM.

Attending was Leslie Burket, Teresa Litchfield, Casey Eiten and John Simpson. Although there are few committee reports, there was much to be discussed.

As this is her first meeting, we welcomed Casey to the board as our new Vice President and Membership Chair. Welcome Casey!

Electronic Discussions
Due to decisions, schedules and deadlines for all, we had an unusual number of electronic discussions between meetings to insure we had a quorum for all motions.

  • On October 14th, Alice Martin proposed and Martin Kuhn seconded to accept the September board minutes. The minutes were approved.
  • A motion was made by Alice Martin on October 14, seconded by Kate Fleming-Kuhn, for the club to subsidize the tickets to the November 3, 2018 Awards Banquet by the following amounts:

    • Chicken – $4.60 per person
    • Beef – $8.00 per person
    • Veggie – $2.40 per person The motion passed.
  • With the above subsidy from the club, ticket prices to attendees will be:

    • Chicken: $35/per ticket to the attendee
    • Beef: $40/per ticket to the attendee
    • Veggie Stir Fry: $30/per ticket to the attendee
  • On October 18th, a proposal was offered by Judy Nordstrom and a motion made by Alice Martin and seconded by Marilyn Weber, that CLD sponsor a coffee break at the 2018 USDF annual convention ($200 expenditure) in lieu of the traditional GMO basket. The motion passed.
  • Due to a variety of commitments that board members have this weekend, it was decided to cancel the scheduled board meeting (10/19/18) and transact all business electronically this month.
  • On November 2nd, a motion was made by Alice Martin and seconded by Martin Kuhn to accept the 2019 slate of officers as: Judy Nordstrom, President; Casey Eiten, Vice-President; Katie Keim, Treasurer and Leslie Burket, Secretary. The motion passed.
  • A motion was suggested by Judy Nordstrom, moved by Martin Kuhn on 12/8/18 and seconded by Marilyn Weber, for CLD to donate $200 in memory of Paul Briney to the Land of Lincoln Honor Flight. The motion passed unanimously.
  • On January 20th an amended motion was made by Martin Kuhn and seconded by Alice Martin & Paula Briney, to schedule the CLD schooling shows. IceBreaker will be scheduled for April 27, 2019 at Tower Hill Equestrian Center and FireCracker on July 13, 2019 at Tower Hill Equestrian Center. The motion passed.
  • Alice Martin made a motion on January 20th and Paula Briney seconded to accept a change to the by-laws that The Reader newsletter be published on an as needed basis so long as no fewer than two issues per calendar year are released. Additionally, email newsletters, as needed throughout the year, may be published. This is in contrast to the eleven issues per year that are currently mandated by the by-laws. The motion passed. This is the end of all electronic discussions.

President Judy Nordstrom

  • Judy has been working on getting our liability insurance in place for this year.
  • A suggestion was presented about the possibility of hosting a couple of ‘learning sessions’, accompanied by a potluck, during these cold months. Suggested topics included discussing the newly updated USDF National tests (training through 4th level) as well as biomechanics, the value and benefit of a seat lesson and bits and their differences, how to fit to the horse, when to move to a double, etc. The floor is open to more ideas. Casey was bubbling with energy and willing to do a presentation but her time is limited right now. She is also willing to team up with someone to present a learning session. Potential date, February 23rd, was discussed as the first session so we could transition from the CLD Board Meeting to the later learning session.

VP & Membership Chair Casey Eiten

Casey reports that she has been gathering information and records from Kelly and is ready to roll. She has three new members she will be sending to USDF this week. That will bring our membership to 40 members for this year.

Treasurer Katie Keim

We welcome young Archer to the Keim family and we will look for our treasurer’s update next month.

Web Martin Kuhn

  • Email Newsletter Stats:
    • Newsletters sent out since last report: 1
    • Subscribers: 143 – up 9 from last report
    • Average opening rate was up noticeably ~ 50%
  • Website Traffic:
    • Visits are up 20.1% year over year
    • Page views are up nearly up 37% year over year
    • Unique visitors up nearly almost 32%
    • Visitors are:
      • 54% from searches
      • 4% from directly typing the address
      • 3% from social media – Facebook mostly and Twitter
    • Geographic Popularity: 95% US, 1% UK, Canada and Russia, Australia, Philippines, Aruba, Denmark, Sweden & Guatemala round out the top ten countries.
  • Social Media:
    • FaceBook likes: 651, up slightly
    • Twitter followers are unchanged

Office Reports: John Simpson

  • Fairground’s Coliseum Update: John reports that the current completion date for the Coliseum is July 21 2019. However, there is an incentive available if it is completed prior to that date. Unfortunately, not knowing requires us to move forward with our ‘7am to 7pm’ show format, similar to last year. There will be another coliseum meeting soon so there should be some updates coming.
  • CLD has sponsored two USDF classes and The Dressage Foundation (TDF) as we, the club and membership, significantly benefit from them. A decision needs to be made about doing the same this year.

Office Reports: Paula Briney

Paula reports that, due only to the unavailability of the coliseum, Horse Fair will not host any Classical Dressage or Western Dressage events in 2019.

Schooling Shows

Teresa has agreed to manage both IceBreaker and FireCracker as long as there is a day manager. IceBreaker is scheduled for April 27th and FireCracker is July 13th. We have partnered with Tower Hill, who will be our facility host for both shows this year. Teresa thought it would be fun to have a ‘fun’ activity at the shows. After a lively discussion, it was decided to have a ‘stick pony class’ contest at IceBreaker and a ‘crazy sox’ contest at FireCracker. These will be judged events but full of fun for competitors and non-competitors. Teresa will pass this information along to Jeanne for the Omnibus as well as promoting to the membership and local facilities.


Our next meeting will be Saturday, February 23rd, at 2:00 p.m. in the StarWest Lounge. The meeting was officially adjourned at 2:59 pm.

Respectfully Submitted, Leslie Burket

September 15, 2018 Meeting Minutes

The meeting was called to order by Judy Nordstrom at 2:06pm. Attending were Alice Martin, Leslie Burket, Kelly Griffith and Teresa Litchfield. Paula Briney called in for a few minutes. Although there are few committee reports this month, there was much to be discussed.

Electronic Discussions

Due to decisions and deadlines, we had an unusual number of electronic discussions.

  • On July 23rd, the motion for our 2018 Nominating Committee members was passed. They are: Nominating Chair, Paula Briney, Alice Martin, Marilyn Weber and Judy Nordstrom.
  • Via email, Kate Fleming-Kuhn shared with us that she has organized a clinic for CLD Education Days with George Williams on September 22nd & 23rd, for up to 10 rides per day. The day rate will be $1500. Teresa made a motion to proceed and Alice Martin seconded.
  • On July 23rd, the motion to hold a CLD sponsored George Williams clinic was passed!
  • On August 4th, Alice Martin made a motion, and Teresa Litchfield seconded, to accept the CLD Board minutes for the July 14th meeting. Minutes were approved.
  • On August 4th, Paula Briney, chair of the Nominating Committee, presented their recommendations for the slate of nominations for the CLD Board and moved they be accepted: John Simpson, Kate Fleming-Kuhn, Marilyn Weber and Casey Eiten. Alice seconded. Approved.
  • George Williams Clinic: The per ride lesson fee will be $185. Non-members will pay $10 per day for auditing with the option to add lunch for $5.00 per day. Paula Briney motioned and Kelly Griffith seconded. Current CLD members, the rider and groom will audit and eat at no charge. Paula has offered to sponsor the main course of each day.

President's Business

  • After reviewing the electronic discussions and decisions, Judy opened with a discussion about finding a location for our 2018 Awards Banquet. The selected date is November 3rd. We will have a Social Hour from 6pm to 7pm, followed by dinner. Awards will then be presented. Paula volunteered to contact Island Bay Yacht Club for availability. Other restaurant options include Springfield Motor Boat Clubhouse, Illini Country Club and Sangamo Club.
  • Judy presented the nominating slate for 2019: John Simpson, Marilyn Weber, Kate Fleming-Kuhn and Casey Blum. The ballot is ready to be published in the Newsletter.
  • Judy has paid the $10 fee to the State of Illinois for the Not for Profit status to remain active.
  • The GMO delegate to represent CLD at the USDF 2019 Annual Convention will be Leslie Burket. She will look into the option to ship the GMO basket contents to the convention hotel in advance of the convention.
  • USDF has announced they will be voting, at the USDF Convention, to increase the membership fee each GMO sends to USDF for their membership. Group Member dues have remained unchanged since December 1, 2010. This change will apply only to the individual/primary family member. The dues increase would become effective December 1, 2019 for the 2020 membership year.
  • If the vote passes at the Convention, the projected increase will be $4.00 for each individual/primary member and will impact the 2020 CLD membership fee.

George Williams Clinic

All is in place for the clinic. There will be ten riders each day. For each day, Paula has generously donated trays of an assortment of lunch meats, cheeses and breads; Colleen will provide a desert and two different salads and Alice will provide pulled pork. There will be chips and drinks. Thank you to all for your contributions! Sounds like quite a feast.

Our next meeting will be on October 20th, 2018, 2pm in the StarWest Lounge. The meeting was officially adjourned at 3:34pm.

Respectfully Submitted, Leslie Burket

July 14, 2018 Meeting Minutes

The meeting was called to order by Judy Nordstrom @ 2:07pm. Present were Alice Martin, Teresa Litchfield, Leslie Burket, John Simpson, Jordan Wilton and Kelly Griffith. Paula called in but the connection wasn’t always clear.

Electronic Discussions:

  • On June 15th, Alice Martin made a motion, and Martin Kuhn seconded, to accept the CLD Board minutes for the June 9th, 2018 meeting. The minutes were approved.
  • On July 18, Teresa Litchfield motioned, and Alice Martin seconded, to hold a CLD sponsored clinic featuring George Williams on September 22-23, for up to 10 rides per day for a day rate of $1500. The motion passed unanimously.
  • On July 18, Paula Briney made a motion which Alice Martin and John Simpson seconded, to nominate Marilyn Weber and Alice Martin to the Nominating Committee. The motion passed unanimously and the committee now consists of Paula Briney, Marilyn Weber, Alice Martin and Judy Nordstrom.

President Judy Nordstrom

Judy started our meeting with the need for a nominating committee to be established as our deadlines are rapidly approaching. She is encouraging all to look wide and deep among our membership to bring in some fresh ideas and talents. Paula joined the discussion (by phone) and volunteered to chair the Nominating Committee. Leslie moved and Alice seconded that Paula chair the nominating committee. Vote was unanimous. Paula will recommend the members of the committee via email.

VP/Membership – Kelly Griffith

Kelly reports that we currently have 60 members.

Treasurer – Katie Keim

  • Current Bank Balance: $20,000.06
  • GL Bal: $13,450.72
  • CD Balance: $25,770.71
  • Net Income/loss: $2,783.30 net income


John Simpson – CLD Classic Show

  • John reports that the show went well and riders were fine with the 7a – 7p schedule.
  • Waiting for the Fair Grounds to submit their invoices for payment.
  • The judges were reversed on scores sent in for the rides on Saturday and Sunday.
  • USDF has fined CLD $250 for not sending our scores in on time. Alice volunteered to send a letter, seeking an explanation and resolution of the situation.
  • USEF has a requirement that all fees due them be electronically submitted within ten calendar days of the completion of the competition. The treasurer had problems submitting the funds electronically so Judy paid the $2560 USEF fees electronically. Going forward, both the management team and the Treasurer need to be synched up so these payments are processed as soon as possible.

Teresa Litchfield – FireCracker Schooling Show

  • Teresa reported that the show, held on July 7th, at Tower Hill, went smoothly and riders seemed pleased with the event. Sally Atterberry was the manager and Kim Krieckhaus the judge. Classical and western dressage classes, as well as some fun classes, were offered.
  • Discussion continued about organizing a ‘cheat sheet’ for future schooling show managers and secretaries. This should help bring continuity to our schooling shows as well as provide a guide for the management team. Teresa has volunteered to put something together for us to review.

Our next meeting will be Saturday, September 15th, at 2:00 p.m. in the StarWest Lounge.

The meeting was officially adjourned at 3:34pm.

Respectfully Submitted, Leslie Burket

April 29, 2018 Meeting Minutes

The meeting was called to order at 2:15 p.m. by President Judy Nordstrom. Paula Briney, Kelly Griffith, Chrissy Jacobs (arriving at 3:05 pm), Katie Keim and Anastasia, Teresa Litchfield, Alice Martin, John Simpson and Marilyn Weber were present.

Classic Volunteer Coordinator - Judy Nordstrom

Judy is looking for volunteers for ring setup on Thursday, June 21, at 3 p.m. Also needed is another scribe and a steward from 11-1 p.m. and 5-7 p.m. on Saturday, June 23, as well as on Sunday from 11-1. Because we only have one competition ring this year while the Coliseum is being repaired, the competition will run from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. with the judges taking separate lunch breaks. One office volunteer is needed for each morning and afternoon shift on Saturday and on Sunday. Leslie Burket and Brett Fisher have volunteered for the other scribe and steward hours each day. Donna and Kent Jacobs have volunteered to serve as Safety Officers. The vet on call is Dr. Kate Luthin. In a discussion of the Friday night exhibitor’s dinner, furnished by John and Nancy Simpson, Alice volunteered to bring five gallons each of ice tea and lemonade. Paula Briney is furnishing the cookie dessert. Officers will furnish soda 12-packs.

Web Report – Martin Kuhn

  • One email newsletters sent out since last report.
  • 134 subscribers, down from 135; 1 unsubscribe from a lapsed member
  • Next email newsletter will be sent to 137 subscribers
  • Average opening rate: ~54% – up noticeably
  • Website Traffic (February 24 - April 28)
  • Visits up 6.4% year over year
  • Page views up nearly 16% year over year
  • Unique visitors up nearly 26%
  • Visitors coming 50% from search, 40% directly typing address, 7% from social (FaceBook mostly & Twitter)
  • Geographic Popularity: 90% US, 7% UK & Canada, 1% Australia
  • China, Germany, Netherlands, Sweden, Switzerland, & Singapore round out top ten countries
  • Facebook followers are up noticeably to 649.
  • Twitter followers are up slightly to 47.

Treasurer Report - Katie Keim

Loss for 2018 thus far is ($2,340.45). Bank balance for checking through March: $8744.99 CD balance: $25,765

Newsletter – Alice Martin

The March Reader was published on March 25.

IceBreaker - Teresa Litchfield, Manager

Teresa reported a successful show with 29 horse and rider combinations and 48 rides performed. The $248 profit has not subtracted the cost of ribbons.

Post show compliments were received from Rachel Hill Jordan and Marsha Harshman.

Awards - Teresa Litchfield

Teresa asked the amount of money for Awards be increased. Paula moved that every owner and rider enrolled in the CLD Awards program either perform three volunteer hours for CLD or pay $50. Attendance at three Board meetings would also qualify as volunteer hours. The deadline for volunteer hours, or payment, would be the same as the submission deadline for Awards each year. Teresa seconded. The Board approved unanimously.

Symposium - Kate Fleming-Kuhn

Paula said she would ask Betsey Steiner if she would be willing to do a lecture for CLD when she comes to Pratense Farms in the fall.

The meeting adjourned at 3:50 pm.

Next meeting: Saturday, June 9th, at 2:00 p.m. in the StarWest Lounge.

Respectfully Submitted,
Alice Martin,
Recording Secretary

February 24, 2018 Meeting Minutes

The meeting was called to order at 2:20 p.m. In attendance: President Judy Nordstrom, Kelly Griffith, John Simpson, Kate Fleming-Kuhn and Malcolm, Katie Keim and Anastasia, Paula Briney on phone, Alice Martin and Chrissy Jacobs.

Chrissie reported on a trip to Parkway Printers with Judy where they looked at wicking jackets and T-shirts as possible fundraisers. The Board will have an online vote about ordering t-shirts and jackets.

Judy announced she is looking for a Volunteer Coordinator for the CLD Classic. There was a discussion on requiring three hours of volunteer time or a payment of $100 for each horse owner or lessee in order to take part in CLD Awards program.

There was discussion on appointing Chrissy Jacobs as our replacement membership secretary. Vice President Kelly Griffith has continued functioning as membership secretary as her replacement has not fulfilled the duties.

Illinois State Fairgrounds Report – Paula Briney

  • The Capital Development Board has been hired for the repair of the Coliseum. Work is due to start on May 1 with a seven million dollar budget. They will start on the Coliseum interior and then move to the exterior. Paula noted that the inside walls in the covered arena are now white and there are bleachers now on both long sides. Barn 13 is due to be repaired by mid-May in time for the CLD Classic in June. They will start on the interior of the 25 Series.

Membership Report – Kelly Griffith

  • Since the January Board meeting, four renewals have been received, giving us 42 members thus far for 2018.

Web Report – Martin Kuhn

  • Two email newsletters sent out since last report. We stand at 134 subscribers, down from 135 (1 bounced back email). Our average opening rate is at around 47%.
  • Website Traffic spiked noticeably after most recent update but still below what we had last year at this time.
  • Facebook followers are up slightly to 637. Twitter followers are down slightly to 45.

Treasurer Report - Katie Keim

  • Final 2017 numbers: Current bank balance is $8999.64; savings balance is $25,754.80. Loss for 2018 thus far is ($1683.69).
  • The tax return has been filed. There were no 1099’s this year as the 2017 Classic was not held.

Newsletter – Alice Martin

  • February Reader was electronically distributed on the 17th. Paper copies were mailed. Judy noted it would require a By-Laws change to put the Reader on a quarterly basis.

Symposium Report – Kate Fleming-Kuhn

  • Currently nothing on the agenda with no suggestions for an educational discussion.

Next meeting: Saturday, April 7th, at 2:00 p.m. in the StarWest Lounge.

The meeting adjourned at 3:45 p.m.

Respectfully Submitted,
Alice Martin

January 14, 2018 Meeting Minutes

The meeting was called to order at 12:15pm. In attendance: Judy Nordstrom, Kelly Griffith, Marilyn Weber, John Simpson, Jordan Wilton, Teresa Litchfield, Kate Fleming-Kuhn, Katie Keim, Paula Briney, Alice Martin, and Chrissy Jacobs.

Judy reports that the club’s insurance is up for renewal which brings to question the status of CLD Classic.

Membership - Kelly Griffith

  • Currently we have 38 members – typical for this time of year.
  • The club will work on sending out a letter to those people who have not yet sent in their membership form. We will include a membership form with the letter to make it easy for the person to fill it out and send it back to us.

Treasurer - Katie Keim

  • Final 2017 numbers: Current bank balance is $10,816.90; savings balance is $25,746.23. Not much activity.
  • The tax return has not yet been filed.

Newsletter - Alice Martin

  • Last newsletter went out in October 2017.

Social Media - Jordan Wilton

  • Currently 630 likes on FaceBook.
  • Photos get the most likes and activity on the page – please send photos and any success stories or fun news to Jordan Wilton and she will post them to the FaceBook page to generate activity.

Awards - Teresa Litchfield

  • Suggested we order new clothing for prizes. Orders can be placed through Parkway Printers for a nominal price. Additionally, the club could order a few other items to sell to members. Items can be ordered on an as needed basis and could be used as both awards or a fundraiser. Silk screening is an option.
  • Judy and Chrissy will plan to work on getting more information and will bring it to the club at the next meeting.
  • Marilyn brought painted glassware she purchased for $12 each via Kathryn’s Custom Art. Glasses could be ordered and customized as unique prizes for both shows or year-end awards.
  • The club would like to use these for CLD Classic show awards and would like to see if they could do other items for the year end Banquet.

Symposium - Kate Fleming-Kuhn/Judy Nordstrom

  • Currently nothing on the agenda with no suggestions for an educational discussion.
  • A saddle fitting clinic was suggested – could have a discussion with potluck followed by fittings. Paula has one planned with Pony Club and CLD could join. A date has not been decided. Paula will report back to the club.

Illinois Horse Fair etc.

  • Paula reports that Barn 13 has $100,000 allocated to repair the roof and there are no plans to close the building. Illinois Horse Fair is still going forth for March 2018. Repairs will likely occur following Horse Fair, as it is thought they will be completed in 10 weeks. Hope is that in the next two weeks Governor Rauner will have negotiated a deal to begin work on the Coliseum. The horse council will place an open letter in the State Journal-Register discussing which shows will proceed or cancel due to the current status of the Illinois Fairground Facilities.
  • Megan McIssac, from Wisconsin, will be the clinician for the dressage sessions.
  • CLD could ask her to give a talk for club members on a chosen topic or one of her own choice.
  • Marilyn moved we have a presence and give a $200 sponsorship. Teresa seconded. All approved.
  • As things are no worse than last year, the decision is to continue to have CLD Classic I & II as planned.

USDF Convention

  • In the past, CLD has donated a GMO basket for the USDF Convention as a way to represent the club at the annual USDF Convention. However, our basket has been slightly lackluster lately. We need to discuss if we want to upgrade our basket to align with those of other clubs or if we would, instead, like to make a donation to USDF.
  • Ideas to help compose a basket would be to purchase items via Amazon and have them shipped directly to the hotel where convention is being held.
  • It was suggested that whoever the club sends to the USDF Convention should be responsible for selecting items and assembling the club’s basket at the USDF Convention.
  • Marilyn moved that we donate a basket, Alice seconded. All were in favor.
  • The price of the basket will be determined on the number of the donations the club receives.

Schooling Shows

  • The 2018 dates for the schooling shows have been determined:
    • Icebreaker April 28th – Managed by Teresa Litchfield
    • Firecracker July 7th – Managed by Sally Atteberry
  • Teresa moved to hold the shows at Tower Hill this year. Alice seconded. All were in favor. They will be held at Tower Hill. Alice will secure judges for both shows.
  • Paula would be willing to hold Firecracker at Pratense. However, the facility lacks stabling and will not have a caterer. The club would offer a potluck.

The meeting adjourned at 1:37pm.

Next meeting: Saturday, February 24th at 2:00pm in the StarWest Lounge.

Respectfully Submitted,
Jordan Wilton

October 29, 2017 Meeting Minutes

The meeting was called to order at The meeting was called to order at 2:18 p.m. by President Judy Nordstrom. Attendees included John Simpson, Marilyn Weber, Leslie Burket, Katie Keim with Anastasia, Alice Martin, Paula Briney, and Kate Fleming-Kuhn.

Electronic Discussions

  • Up for re-election is Katie Keim, Paula Briney, Judy Nordstrom and Leslie Burket. Kelly Griffith has resigned as the Membership Secretary, although she is willing to help the newly elected chair until she is up to speed. The nomination committee has prepared a slate of directors that will be shared with the membership in the next newsletter. The slate consists of: Judy Nordstrom, Paula Briney, Leslie Burket and Katie Keim. Members have until midnight on October 31st to vote.
  • Minutes from the Sept. 16th meeting were compiled, reviewed and posted to WriteBoard on Sunday, September 17th. Martin Kuhn motioned and Marilyn Weber seconded to accept the minutes. Minutes were approved on September 24th, 2017.
  • Alice Martin motioned and Kelly Griffith seconded the following motion: $35 per ticket will be charged to each individual with Centerline Dressage (CLD) picking up the additional $1 expense as well as the $100 expense for the room charge. Children’s pricing, 12 and under, will be $18 per ticket. Voting results have a total of 5 approved, 1 disapproved and 1 abstained. Three opted to not vote. As the motion carries, we will charge $35 per meal. CLD will pick up $1 per meal plus the $100 room fee. Children under 12 will be charged $18.

President’s Report

  • 2017 Annual Reports from all officers and committee chairs are due to Martin by October 31st so he can prepare for the Annual Awards Meeting on November 4th, 2017.
  • Please secure and bring all items for the USDF GMO Convention basket to the Annual Awards Dinner on November 4th. We welcome a creative collection of local items to show off CLD and Illinois.
  • Membership dues were discussed in light of USDF raising various member fees. After a lively discussion, the consensus was to leave membership dues as they are.

Treasurer’s Report

Katie Keim provided the following:

  • Current Bank Balance $11,484.11
  • CD Balance: $25,733.88
  • Net Income: $4,083.70

Webmaster Report

  • Martin Kuhn reports that 2 email newsletters have been sent out since the last report.
  • There are currently 135 subscribers.
  • Average newsletter opening rate ranged from 40-43%.
  • Web traffic for October is up slightly.
  • FaceBook now has 613 likes.
  • The number of Twitter followers is up to 46.

New Business

  • After the membership voting is finalized on the slate for the ‘new’ Board of Directors, the board, as a whole (including new members), will then vote to select officers that will represent CLD as the President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer and Membership Secretary for the coming term.

  • John Simpson provided an update on the enclosed, covered arena at the fairgrounds. Pipe railings w/kick boards as well as ‘triangular’ corner kick boards have been added, impacting the shape and size of the corners. We will need to confirm it will still work for our dressage shows. Also, while waiting for the judge’s whistle, riders will be inside the arena as there is not sufficient room to ride around the outside perimeter.

  • Alice Martin will prepare certificates for the Most Improved Riders for the Annual Awards Meeting.

  • Paula Briney provided an update on the Coliseum. A bid has not been received to provide a cost estimate to repair the Coliseum. There is no date as to when construction may begin. She also shared some information about the various ways one can contribute to support either the Fair Grounds or the Coliseum repairs. See Paula if you are interested in making a contribution.

  • Horse Fair will be March 2 – 4, 2018 this year. Further details to follow. Paula also suggested that we need to do something to encourage the youth riders, pony clubbers and others in the area to want to participate in our dressage schooling shows. A fun show for the youth was tops on the list. Also recommended are ‘contests’ for best socks, most blinged-out saddle pad and/or helmets, boots, pants, jackets or a photography contest. We can pick and choose for different shows.

Our next meeting will be Sunday, January 14th, 2017, at 2 p.m. in the StarWest Lounge.

Marilyn motioned and Paula seconded for the unanimous 3:34 p.m. adjournment.

Respectfully Submitted, Leslie Burket – CLD Secretary

September 16, 2017 Meeting Minutes

CLD Board Meeting Minutes September 16, 2017

The meeting was called to order at 2:05 p.m. by President Judy Nordstrom. Attendees included Teresa Litchfield, John Simpson, Marilyn Weber, Leslie Burket, Kelly Griffith, Katie Keim with Anastasia, Martin with Malcolm, and Roman was with his Grandmother, Judy.

Electronic Discussions

  • Alice moved and Leslie seconded for CLD to donate $300 for the Friday afternoon snack break at the 2017 USDF Convention in Lexington. This motion was approved electronically by the board.
  • Minutes from the Sat, July 29th meeting, were compiled, reviewed and posted to WriteBoard on Sunday, July 30th. Marilyn Weber motioned and Alice Martin seconded to accept the minutes. Minutes were approved on August 11, 2017.

President’s Report

A 2018 nomination committee was organized to compile a Nominating Slate that will accommodate the publishing requirement for distribution to the membership. Paula Briney, Judy Nordstrom, Leslie Burket and Katie Keim have all agreed to serve another term and will be on the ballot. Martin will prepare the ballot to be posted for membership by the first of October. Mindy Baumann is willing to work with Kelly to assume the Membership Secretary position.

Treasurer’s Report

Katie Keim provided the following:

  • Current Bank Balance $11,244.11
  • CD Balance: $25,732.69
  • Net Income: $4,047.51

Webmaster Report

  • Martin Kuhn reports that 3 newsletters have been sent out since the last report.
  • There are currently 137 subscribers.
  • There was one hard bounce (Tiffany Wohlers).
  • Average newsletter opening rate ranged from 40-48%.
  • July-September web traffic is down a bit. June traffic is the highest for the year.
  • FaceBook now has 615 likes, up slightly.
  • The number of Twitter followers remains unchanged at 28.

New Business

  • John Simpson is ready to hire judges for the 2019 shows and accepted recommendations.
  • Through the years, two of our plaques, ‘Most Improved Rider’ and ‘Jim Kuhn Award’, have been filled with the names of many recipients, and it is now time to get new name plates for the plaques for our future riders.
  • The Christmas party was discussed and we are seeking a location. More updates to follow. 
Our next meeting will be Sunday, October 29, 2017, at 2 p.m. in the StarWest Lounge.

Leslie motioned and Martin seconded for the unanimous 3:06 p.m. adjournment.

Respectfully Submitted, Leslie Burket – CLD Secretary

July 29, 2017 Meeting Minutes

The meeting was called to order at 2:09 p.m. by President Judy Nordstrom. Attendees included Teresa Litchfield, John Simpson, Marilyn Weber, Alice Martin and Leslie Burket.

Electronic Discussions

  • On 7/25/17, Alice motioned and Kelly seconded that the 2018 Classic I and II shows be held at the IL State Fairgrounds. Approval by the board was unanimous.

President’s Report

  • Judy reports that she is currently submitting the paperwork for the 2018 Classic shows.
  • With our membership at 68 members, there was a lively, but serious, discussion as to how to enlist volunteers from our membership. Our shows are well supported but volunteer staffing continues to be a challenge.

Treasurer’s Report

Although not present, Katie Keim provided the following:

  • Current Bank Balance $11,444.11
  • CD Balance: $25,721.54
  • Net Income: $4,236.36
  • Dinner/auction Fundraiser: $4,408.92
  • von Dietze Clinic: $328.50
  • FireCracker Schooling Show: $235.25

Membership Report

  • Kelly Griffith reports that we have eight new members, bringing our members to 68 for 2017.

Webmaster Report

  • Martin Kuhn reports that since June, a total of four newsletters have been distributed of which two were newsletters and two were invitation/reminders for upcoming events.
  • There are currently 137 subscribers, down one.
  • Average newsletter opening rate ranged from 36-47%, due to the variety of topics this month.
  • For the von Dietze Banquet and Fundraiser there was a 36% opening rate for invites and reminders.
  • July web traffic is down a bit as June traffic was the highest for the year.

Social Media Report

Jordan Wilton reports that a Facebook Promotion/Ad Trial was used to track the Susanne von Dietze event.

  • The Susanne von Dietze Clinic Ad ran for 10 days preceding the event. We used the free $30 coupon from Facebook as an incentive to try their ad feature.
  • The ad reached all CLD Facebook ‘friends’ who ‘like’ the page, as well as anyone 18 and older, within 50 miles of the Springfield area.
  • Total number of people reached: 3,439
  • Total number of people reached without ad (organically): 823
  • Number met by only the ad: 2,616
  • Number of people who clicked on the ad: 287
  • Number of interactions (likes, shares, comments): 58
  • We increased the number of page likes by seven people after running this ad.
  • Jordan reports that FaceBook now has 612 likes.

CLD Classic Show

John has done some comparison checking on the prices of the IL State Fairgrounds and we will incur a substantial savings by not using the Coliseum this year. For our 2018 CLD show, we will be paying $375/day for the covered arena and Barn 13. Before the two buildings and the Coliseum were priced at $1500/day. There are no additional charges for the extended hours we are anticipating. As the Coliseum is closed, the show office will be in a room in Barn 14. The charge for stalls in Barn 14 will be $60/day/ea., as before.


  • Betsy Steiner will do a three day clinic at Pratensé Farms Farms on October 13-15, 2017.
  • Tower Hill will host a schooling show on September 23, 2017.
  • 2018 Illinois Horse Fair is March 2-4, 2018.

New Business

  • In support of the 2017 USDF Annual Convention to be held in Lexington, Kentucky, it was agreed that we would like to donate $300 toward the Board of Governor’s Friday afternoon snack break. Voting will occur online.
  • A 2018 nomination committee will be organized to compile a Nominating Slate that will accommodate the publishing requirement.

Our next meeting will be Saturday, September 3, 2017, at 2 p.m. in the StarWest Lounge.

Leslie motioned and Alice seconded for the unanimous 3:25 p.m. adjournment.

Respectfully Submitted, Leslie Burket – CLD Secretary

June 3, 2017 Meeting Minutes

President Judy Nordstrom called the meeting to order at 2:12. Also in attendance were Kate Fleming-Kuhn, Kelly Griffith, Katie Keim and Anastasia,Teresa Litchfield, Martin Kuhn and Malcolm, Alice Martin, and John Simpson.

Webmaster Report by Martin Kuhn

Two newsletters have been published since the last Board of Directors meeting. The first had an opening rate just below 50%; the second, just under 40%. We have 138 subscribers, down one from the last report. Website traffic is 5x higher than it was in March. Facebook is up slightly with 577 likes; ditto Twitter followers, 43. There are 10 paper copies being distributed, four going to non-members in 2017. Martin will send list of non-members for removal.

Symposium Report by Kate Fleming-Kuhn

The Susanne von Dietze Clinic sponsored by CLD on June 16-18 at StarWest is not completely filled. Four auditors have signed up. Lunch, including a mini-lecture, is provided in the riders’ fee and available by RSVP to auditors.

Fund Raising Dinner and Silent Auction Report by Judy Nordstrom

Several nice items have been donated for the auction at the Springfield Motor Boat Club on Saturday, June 17. Very few RSVPs have been received for the dinner and lecture by von Dietze. A sheet listing some of the items in the auction and reminder for dinner reservations will be coming out shortly. Please encourage your friends to attend a Jimmy Oh dinner in a lovely setting.

Membership Report by Kelly Griffith

Currently we have 60 members, down from the 85-90 for this same time period in the last few years. Five members joined to ride at a discount at IceBreaker. This is down from 10-15 new members joining at IceBreaker in years past.

FireCracker Report by Teresa Litchfield

Volunteers are needed, please contact Teresa at or call (309) 368-9779. Lisa Holderle is judge at the CLD show held at Pratense Farm on July 8.

Classic I & II Dressage Show Report by John Simpson

John reported on the ARAB, Inc. show he just managed in May at the National Equestrian Center, a possible venue for the 2018 Classic, as the Coliseum will not be available for our June date. We would be sharing the NEC with a Connemara show. John found the NEC ran about $350 more per day than the State Fairgrounds. Stall fees would be $20 more per stall there than at the Fairgrounds. If the show is held locally at the IL State Fairgrounds, we will have a one ring show with long days, possibly 7am-10pm. Directors will be voting on the venue electronically so more directors can weigh in on this important decision than were present today.

Treasurer’s Report by Katie Keim

IceBreaker, managed by Teresa Litchfield, cleared $383.25. CLD has $25,717.56 in savings and $6,574.69 in the checking account.

Directors Reports

Teresa suggested a raffle as another fund raising idea. She can get two $500 Lowe’s cards at a discount. If each member sold five $20 tickets, a tidy sum could be raised for a retailer throughout the Midwest that has products of use for about any household. Alice mentioned The Dressage Foundation has an on-line auction going now that includes the offer of several clinicians. It would be an easy way to secure a new low-cost clinician for the grassroots members of the club and donate to TDF.

The next meeting of the CLD Board will be at StarWest on July 29 at 2 p.m.

At 3:35 p.m. Kelly motioned and John seconded for adjournment.