Editor's Note - Show Season

As the show season kicks off, let’s all remember to be good competitors. A year ago in the Reader we had a discussion about good sportsmanship. The discussion ended with the realization that we all have a different perspective. No one sees the same things you see. No one interprets what they see the same way you do.

Remembering that we all see things differently is the first step toward peace in any situation. Remembering that we're all doing the best we can is the next step. Understanding begins from these places. Success is measured differently by different people. For some, merely coming down center line represents a huge success over what they and their horse were capable of previously. If we can accept that, we can truly be supportive of our fellow club members and competitors. We are, after all, really only competing against ourselves and the job we’ve done previously. If we can improve the level of sportsmanship in our club, spectators and new competitors will see a positive environment that they want to be a part of. In turn, our club may see a rise in membership which is how we flourish.

Enjoy the 2015 season, good luck to all.

Kim Jones, Editor