Response to "In Defense of Good Scores"

This piece was originally printed in the February 2014 Reader.

Dear Editor:
In response to the anonymous January letter to the editor I wanted to explain why changes were made by the board of CLD.

We are a club with many different types of members and we try to be inclusive to all. It does not matter if you were a grass roots rider or an elite rider we try to accommodate all. Many of our grass roots riders are getting perfectly good scores but somehow that score does not look nearly so good once it is displayed next to another very high score.

Our club is blessed with having many very good and competitive horses. Not everyone can afford to own a dynamic moving horse. And a dynamic moving horse will, of course, score higher on every movement within the test. Not just at the bottom of the score sheet. This is how it should be but if you are not riding this type of talented horse or perhaps a less main stream breed your scores will reflect this. That is part of the reason only open competition scores are used and not breed restricted.

Also we have been asked to print the horse and rider names so that our program can be a keepsake. It is hard to say "this is me" when all that is listed is a string of numbers. Grandma wants to see your name. I do not know that we need any extra suspense with just numbers but that is up to the membership to provide feedback on. We are on the board to serve the membership and if they want names; or scores; or a blue-eyed, grey horse award then we try to make it happen. I do not personally have a problem with my scores being printed but some people do. We do not make random changes we attempt to provide for what our membership wants.

Marilyn Weber