Reader responses to Dressage & Dollars

In the January 2013 Reader Alice Martin wrote a piece titled Dressage & Dollars which prompted a lot of responses from Reader readers. Below are some of the responses.

I just read your article Dressage and Dollars in the January 2013 issue of The Reader.  Thank you for such a wonderful piece.  Your description of the time Far Raf passaged through the water is superb.  It captures so much of what I treasure about having and riding horses -- those perhaps brief, private, memorable moments.

Merdy Smith

I read the CLD Newsletter early this morning and I enjoyed reading your article, "Dressage and Dollars."

I couldn't agree more, Dressage is a High Dollar Sport, but I sure Love It!

Jodi Lemkemann
East Peoria

I thought it was well said.  It is hard to get a point across without being too soft or a bull in a china shop. . . .  Everyone should focus on how to improve him/herself instead of tearing others down.  

Kelly Griffith
New Berlin

That is a very nice piece, Alice, and almost ironic as, trying to recruit new members, I have had people complain to me that all the "rich" dressage riders are the ones who get more out of a club than the less financially secure ones.

The major complaint is that most of the clinics and educational events put on by CLD are geared toward the riders who are above Second Level. The ones still struggling feel they are being left out so hence the reason they don't feel like they should give their money to a club that doesn't support THEM.

I am at a loss as to what to say to them for after thinking back over the clinics I have audited it does seem the riders are more advanced and the clinicians seem to be a bit prejudiced about lower level riders/horses. What CAN we do to rectify this? If we want more amateurs and beginners to join then we must do more to attract and keep them.

Kathi Cannon

Alice Martin response to Kathi Cannon's comments as they appeared in the February 2013 Reader:

"Just a note on Kathi Cannon’s comments: For the last several years, the only CLD sponsored clinic was for Education Days. Traditionally that has been a clinic for developed riders based on the National Symposiums. They were designed to show the full range of dressage from Training Level to Grand Prix, executed by riders with developed seats. Thus auditors, the focus of the clinics, could see how the work looked when correctly executed. Last year a lower level clinic was introduced with the price of the lessons subsidized by CLD for Jr/Young Riders and Adult Amateurs. Four clinic days of such subsidies have been scheduled thus far in 2013, see page 9 for two of them and page 2 for a report from a participant.

Further discussion is always welcome. Please send your thoughts on the matter to
Alice Martin,"