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Direct E-mail Addresses

President: Judy Nordstrom
Vice-President: Kelly Griffith
Secretary: Leslie Burket
Treasurer: Katie Keim
Membership Secretary: Chrissy Jacobs
Reader Newsletter Editor: Alice Martin
Awards Chairman: Teresa Litchfield
Symposium Chair: Kate Fleming-Kuhn
FaceBook/Twitter Senior Editor: Jordan Wilton
At Large Member: Paula Briney
At Large Member/Scholarship Chair: Jordan Wilton
Historian: Alice Martin
Web Site: Moiety Design
Inter-Club Liaison: Leslie Burket

Mailing Addresses

Teresa Litchfield, Awards Chairman
1736 South Farmingdale Road New Berlin, IL 62670

Alice Martin, Reader Newsletter
1736 South Farmingdale Road New Berlin, IL 62670

Kelly Griffith, Membership Secretary
5351 S. Cantrall Creek Road
Cantrall, IL 62625

Leslie Burket, Secretary
1736 South Farmingdale Road
New Berlin, IL 62670

Katie Keim, Treasurer
71 Waddell Road
Waverly, IL 62692